OESJ takes pride in the variety of services and programs it offers to students across all departments and areas of operations. It is committed to providing quality service to families, residents and employees.

Each department’s page includes a description of its respective programs and operations and contact information for the various departments making up the OESJ Central School District.

Here is contact information for each department. More information can be found under the links on the right:

Jeffrey Swartz, director
(518) 568-2011 ext. 3180

Myra Trumbull
Food Service Director
518-568-2014 ext. 113

Karyn Bergen, RN
(518) 568-2011 ext. 3111
(518) 568-2797 (fax)

Kyle O’Brien
(518) 568-2014 ext. 103

Grade 8, 10 & 12 Counselor
Christina VanWie 

Grade 7, 9 & 11 Counselor
April Stalteri

Information Technology
IT Director: Gregg Roth
(518) 568-2011 ext. 6063

Educational Technology Support Specialist
Coordinator: Austin Heroth
518-568-2011 x3159

Computer Services
Coordinator: John Libritz
(518) 568-2014

Bruce LaQuay
(518) 568-2014 ext. 107