2018-19 Budget Highlights

  • $107,000 to hire two security officers, most likely retired police officers. There would be one officer assigned to each school.
  • A new in-house PTECH program at the Jr./ Sr. High School focusing on business and the trades would begin in the fall. The program would give students the opportunity to graduate from high school with an associate’s degree from Fulton-Montgomery Community College.
  • Hiring of a K-12 School Home Liaison. This person would be an independent contractor who would work with new families, check on incoming students and determine any needs the students may have. The person could also work with truancy issues.
  • Expansion of the Ready Math series. In 2017-18, Ready Math was piloted in kindergarten and grades 7 and 8. In 2018-19, Ready Math will be introduced to grades 1, 2 and 6. The following year, it will expand to grades 3, 4 and 5.
  • Depending on enrollment, one section each of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten may be reduced. If that were to happen, the two staff members would be reassigned as a reading teacher and an elementary curriculum coordinator who would also work with students for extra reading assistance.
  • Erecting a pole barn at the high school in the summer of 2018. The buildings and grounds department will use it to store equipment. Their current location, below the district office at the high school, will be demolished as part of the capital project this summer. That space will become the new agriculture and technology classroom/lab.
  • Installation of a fuel tank monitoring system to keep better track of fuel usage. The tank would also be replaced as part of that project.
  • OESJ has been focusing on better communication with parents and the community. Quarterly newsletters were introduced this year and the OESJ website is being revamped.