Small engine students get real work experiences with Hulten Speed Sports and Briggs and Stratton

The OESJ Small Engine students have had a busy semester. Students have completely torn down and rebuilt a Briggs and Stratton engine. On December 19th, students were visited by Jason Cook, a Briggs and Stratton representative from Fort Plain. Mr. Cook gave a presentation on engine assembly, carburetors, and failure analysis. During the presentation Mr. Cook brought and donated the engine that we performed a failure analysis on. Students observed what happens when an engine is run without oil and the governor system is over rode. A few minutes into running the engine, it failed because the connecting rod broke. If you ask Conrad Flanders and Jeff Baker, this is the highlight of the presentation. Students then observed Mr. Cook diagnose the engine to determine exactly what happened by looking at the shattered and broken engine parts. This experience is always one of the highlights for the small engine students.

On January 16th, small engine students traveled to Hulten Speed Sports in Oppenheim, NY for a second field trip. Students spent the morning with Ray and Lisa Hulten looking at their business. Students got to observe how many of the engine modification engines worked for porting heads, seating valves, boring and honing cylinders, and many other specialty machines. According to Kevin Blair, a junior at OESJ, the highlight of the field trip was observing a motorcycle on the dyno. This is a machine that measures horsepower, torque and much more on motorcycles. This trip was jam packed with valuable knowledge for the students. Students could apply general knowledge learned throughout the year and see how the knowledge can be used in the real world.

The small engine classes would like to thank Jason Cook and Ray and Lisa Hulten for taking time away from their normal businesses to further educate on the small engine industry and career opportunities in the industry.