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POSTED 4/20/2017

First Graders Study American Symbols

First grade has been studying the symbols of America.  During the week of April 10, Mrs. Mang’s class read about Mount Rushmore.  They looked at pictures of the monument and discussed the four presidents on the mountain.  They further talked about why each president was chosen and even watched videos of the workers sculpting the monument.  As a culminating activity, students were given the choice of painting or sculpting their own Mount Rushmore.  Sculptors were given a hunk of Model Magic to create their own monuments.  Painters were given oil pastels and water colors.  To see some finished projects, click here.

POSTED 4/10/2017

Born 2B Viral Event at OESJ High School

OESJ High School will be hosting the event “Born 2B Viral,”  at the High School Auditorium on  Thursday, April 27, from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Please join St. Mary's Healthcare and the Behavioral Health Implementation Committee for a FREE community-wide event focusing on the importance of cyber safety. Hear from speakers and families who have experienced first-hand what it means to be vigilant about teen safety, whether over the internet, through a gaming system or live in-person. There will be a O&A session with our panel, and community resources will be available for more information.  Light refreshments will be served.

POSTED 4/10/2017

Grand Opening of Helping Hands Food Pantry

Thanks to the help of MANY helping hands, the food pantry at DHR school will have it's grand opening on Wednesday, April 12, at 4:00pm. All are invited to join the celebration! As pictured - Mr. Lynch's Varsity Baseball team pitched in to help the pantry become a reality by putting donated shelving units together and then stocking the shelves with all the donations brought in by the elementary school's
helping hands who collected food donations as part of the popular Parents As Reading Partners program. Following the grand opening the food pantry will be open to the public each month on the third Wednesday and the fourth Thursday from 3:30-6pm. Food pantry clients will need to complete an application and have with them 3 items: 1)  ID for each member of their household, 2) proof of address, and 3) proof of income. Applications will be good for one year. Questions can be directed to Mrs. Lape, OESJ District Health Coordinator at 568-2013 or Mrs. M-C, School Social Worker at 568-2011.

POSTED 4/6/2017

16th Annual FFA Farm Toy Show a Success

On Saturday, April 1st, unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating, but that did not stop the vendors and the members of the Mohawk Valley FFA. The show hit its largest vendor turnout in the last five years! In addition, we reached a record number of people in attendance reaching over 150, which was over an additional 50 people compared to previous years. This number may not seem to be as large as other shows bring in, but the vendors in attendance have always been happy and able to move toys! This year the toy show featured many activities for children. To read more about the Toy Show and see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 4/6/2017

OESJ  Elementary Internet Safety Poster Contest

The students in grades 4 through 6 created posters in Technology Class to help teach others how to be safe online. Mrs. Parry had a poster contest and would like to announce the winners. In grade 6, the 1st Place winner is Jade Dygert, 2nd place winner is Abigail Miller, the 3rd Place winner is Sherri Dixon, the 4th Place winner is Carolyn Littrell, and the Honorable Mentions are Olivia Chromczak, Michael Green, and Hannah Pestillo. In grade 5, the 1st Place winner is Lillie Smith, the 2nd Place winner is Jacob Walrath, the 3rd Place winner is Autumn Souza, the 4th Place winner is Mallory Miles, the Honorable Mentions are Annette Johnson and  Aylaa Pellerito. In 4th Grade, the 1st Place winner is Kenneth Calabrese, the 2nd Place winner is Amber Hart, the 3rd Place winner is Andrea Manners, the 4th Place winner is Alyse Cannon, and the honorable mentions are Jeremy Vickery and Ruby Hand. Everyone please make sure to read their great posters to learn how to be safe online by clicking here.

POSTED 4/6/2017

OESJ Class of 2019 Hosts Spaghetti Dinner

The Class of 2019 is hosting a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser at the HC Smith Benefit Club on Monday, April 24th from 4-8 pm.  There will also be a bake sale that evening. Please consider buying a ticket and taking a night off from cooking!  Tickets are $8.00 for adults and $5.50 for children 12 and under.  Take out meals are available.  Tickets will be available at the door for purchase or you can email bryan.crowe@oesj.org.

POSTED 3/31/2017

OESJ Elementary Hosts March Math Madness

IMG_2253.JPGStudents in grades 1-6 competed in March Math Madness. On day 1 of the competition, all students took a 5-minute timed addition test.  In the next competition, students took a subtraction test.  In the third competition, the students in grades 1-2 took a harder addition fact test and students in grades 3-6 took a multiplication test.  In the fourth competition students in grades 1-2 took a harder subtraction fact test and students in grades 3-6 took a division test.  In the last competition students took a mixed fact test, grades 1-2 addition and subtraction, students in grades 3-6 all operations.  To read all winners during the competition, please click here.

POSTED 3/31/2017

OESJ 7th and 8th Grade Spring Fling Scheduled

The OESJ 7th and 8th Grade Spring Fling Semi-Formal has been scheduled for Saturday, April 29.  This will be hosted at Iroquois Lanes and cost $20 per student.  Enjoy dancing, food, and a DJ  from 7 pm - 10 pm.  Glow Bowling will follow from 10 pm - 12 am.

POSTED 3/30/2017

Mohawk Valley FFA Members Headed to State Competition

The competition season started on March 4th for the Mohawk Valley FFA as they headed to Hamilton, NY for the District V Leadership Development Competitions. Nine members competed that day in many different competitions. Owen Feagles a seventh-grade member competed in the junior creed speaking contest. Carolyn Littrell a sixth-grade member competed in junior extemporaneous public speaking and placed third and will move on to the substate competition. To read more and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 3/30/2017

Animal, Plant, or Fungus?

None of the above!  Sixth graders just finished presenting their protist projects in science class.  Students had to make a model of a plant-like protist, an animal-like protist, and a fungus like protist.  They had to choose a protist from each category that they were interested in, research the protist, and then figure out how to model each one within the confines of a 6x8 inch piece of cardboard with their partner. To read more and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 3/30/2017

OESJ National Honor Society Induction

The OESJ National Junior and Senior Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held on March 28, 2017 in the Jr/Sr High school auditorium.  The new inductees and the active members entered the ceremony under the musical selections performed by Mrs. Mott, Mrs. Brownell and Mrs. Thayer. Adelina Brundage and Liam Sammons carried candles that they used to light the center candle that represents knowledge.  Von Baker led the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mrs. Sitterly was the guest speaker. To see additional photos and to read more, please click here.

POSTED 3/29/2017

Board of Education Candidate Petitions Available

Nominating petitions are currently available for OESJ residents interested in running for one of the two board of education seats that will be up for election May 16. Click here to download a petition or pick one up at the OESJ District Clerk's office in St. Johnsville during regular school hours. Completed petitions must be returned to the clerk's office no later than April 17 by 3:00 pm. If you have any questions, contact OESJ District Clerk Elizabeth Brown at (518) 568-2011 ext. 3149.

POSTED 3/29/2017

National FFA Week

National FFA week was February 18th-25th and as usual, the OESJ CSD was on winter break for most of that week. That did not stop Mohawk Valley FFA members from having multiple events that week to celebrate National FFA Week. On Tuesday, February 21st the Mohawk Valley FFA had two events to celebrate. The first event was at the Tractor Supply Company in Herkimer. At this event, we were not only promoting Tractor Supply’s campaign to support FFA but also to educate the community members on our vertical hydroponic system. To read more and see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 3/28/2017

OESJ-AP Scholarship Games

The OESJ-AP scholarship games are scheduled for Thursday, March 30 at the High School. Doors open at 4:15, and costs $2.00 for adults (grade 9 and up) $1.00 for children. There's a family max charge of $10.00. Come join in the fun!

POSTED 3/28/2017

National Agriculture Day at OESJ

March 21st was National Agriculture Day. Students in the FFA organization from PTECH came to OESJ elementary to read to the second grade classes. This year's theme was about grapes. The FFA students read a book titled,  
The Grapes Grow Sweet and then students were able to sample two different types of grape juice.

POSTED 3/26/2017

P.A.W.S. Animaland Fun!

OESJ’s parent/teacher organization, called P.A.W.S., recently hosted “Animaland”  - an event for students to adopt a furry stuffed pet. Children were able to choose their own pet from a large selection  such as puppies, dragons, horses, penguins, kangaroos, and the like.  Upon purchase of their animal, each child received a star and made their way to the stuffing station where they were able to help with the stuffing process and insert their star before finishing. To read more and see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 3/26/2017

National Honor Society

The OESJ Junior and Senior High National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be held on March 28, 2017 beginning at 6 pm in the High School Auditorium.  All are welcome to attend.

POSTED 3/21/2017

OESJ First Graders Complete STEM Activity

Mrs. Heroth's first grade STEM groups were given the challenge to build a habitat for an assigned animal.  This was a culminating activity of their study of habitats in science.  Along with learning about habitats, students also studied the plants and animals that may live there. The STEM groups were provided with various building materials to create the habitats of a given animal.  Students used the knowledge they learned to build an appropriate habitat for their animal.  The activity concluded with a presentation by each group discussing the animal, habitat, and what they were representing. To see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 3/17/2017

OESJ 7th Grade Hosts Gallery Walk

On Thursday, March 9th, students in grade 7 hosted a Gallery Walk in the OESJ high school gymnasium from 3pm-4pm.  These students presented their building project proposals for the upcoming school building project.  Students worked in groups of approximately four students per group to create what they believed to be needed in the upcoming building project. To read more and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 3/14/2017/UPDATED 3/15/2017


OESJ Central School District will be closed Wednesday, March 15, 2017 due to hazardous driving conditions.

POSTED 3/13/2017

OESJ CSD Closed Tomorrow

OESJ Central School District will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14, 2017 due to inclement weather. Wednesday, March 15, 2017 will be a regular instructional day for all students and staff.

POSTED 3/13/2017

OESJ-AP Scholarship Games Rescheduled

The OESJ-AP scholarship games have been rescheduled for Thursday, March 30 at the High School due to possible weather conditions.

POSTED 3/12/2017

PAWS Animaland Night

On March 16, 2017, OESJ PAWS will host an Animaland Activity from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Elementary Gymnasium. Come and enjoy the fun of choosing and stuffing your own stuffed animal. To see more about the event, please click here.

POSTED 3/5/2017

OESJ School Report Card Information

Please click here to get OESJ School Report Card information from the New York State Education Department.

POSTED 3/5/2017

PARP Inspired Milky Way Ice Castle

During the month of February, the 6th graders created an amazing "Milky Way Ice Castle" as part of the PARP Polar theme. They built the igloo out of over 500 gallon milk jugs. Thank you to all the families that donated them. Their creativity and hard work made the igloo project a beautiful success. During the last week of PARP and during the PARP family night, the 6th graders read to students in grades K-5 in the igloo. Everyone was excited to read and enjoy the igloo. To see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 3/5/2017

OESJ-AP Scholarship Games

The OESJ-AP scholarship games will be Tuesday, March 14th at the high school.  This event raises money for the OESJ-AP scholarship fund.  All proceeds from this event are given as scholarships to seniors. There are games for every grade level pre-K through 12, basket raffles, large item raffles, concessions, a bake sale and the evening ends with a staff vs. seniors volleyball match. Doors open at 4:15, and costs $2.00 for adults (grade 9 and up) $1.00 for children. There's a family max charge of $10.00.

POSTED 3/1/2017

Spaghetti Dinner to Support Nature’s Classroom

The OESJ 6th Grade class is hosting a spaghetti dinner on Monday, March 6, 2017 from 4-7pm at the H.C. Smith Benefit Club.  The proceeds will help fundraise a field trip to Nature’s Classroom in June.  Tickets are available at the door.  You can dine in or take outs are available.  Adult dinners are $8, children under 12 meals are $5.50.

POSTED 3/1/2017

OESJ Board of Education President Resigns

The OESJ Board of Education President, Mary Weaver, sends her resignation effective March 1, 2017.  Superintendent, Mr. David Halloran, states that Mary’s "intelligence, wit and integrity will be sorely missed by the district".  To read her resignation letter, please click here.

POSTED 2/21/2017

OESJ Graphic Arts Class Taking Barn Quilt Orders

The OESJ high school  Graphic Arts students will be creating 16,  4' x4' barn quilts as part of the OESJ Annual Community Art project.  Community members can select a quilt block pattern and colors on the order form.  Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  Any orders received after the limit will be returned.  Paid orders must be returned to the OESJ high school Art dept., by March 17th, 2017.  To download an order form, please click here.  To see examples of previous barn quilts from the 2016 project, please click here.

POSTED 2/2/2017

Mohawk Valley FFA Member Selected for the District V Member Spotlight

Madison Dunbar, a sophomore at the OESJ high school was selected as the District V NY FFA Member Spotlight in the January edition of NY FFA Speaks. This year Madison serves as the chapter reporter and is active in soccer and cheerleading. Please click here to check out the article that she was highlighted in!


POSTED 2/18/2017

OESJ Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the many OESJ students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2016-2017 second quarter. Click here to view students of the Junior/Senior High School. To view students from the Elementary School, click here.

POSTED 2/18/2017

Montgomery County Presents Food Pantry Donations

On select Friday’s, Montgomery County has held “Jeans Day” for its employees. The ability to wear jeans to work is a deviation from the county’s dress code. Employees are required make a $5 donation in order to do so.  The donations have been used to help raise money for worthy causes in our area.  For the jeans day that benefited the Food Pantry at DHR, donations of clothing and food items were also accepted.  Pictured, Andrew Santillo, Communications Specialist, Montgomery County, Sara Boerenko, Director of COmmunity Mental Hygiene Services, Montgomery County, Jackie Lape, RN, District Health Coordinator, OESJ, Darlene Marchand-Clifford, Social Worker, OESJ, and David Halloran, Superintendent, OESJ. Thank you, Montgomery County!

POSTED 2/18/2017

OESJ to Host Two Sectional Basketball Games

The OESJ Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball teams will be participating in first round sectional contests next Tuesday, February 21st, at the Jr./Sr. High School gym. The girls will be taking on Loudonville Christian at 6pm, followed by the boys taking on Salem at 7:30. Per Section 2 policy, hosting a sectional doubleheader requires us to charge admission to the games. Children 8 and under are free and the entry fee for all other spectators will be $3. There are no pre-sale tickets, as they will all be sold at the door the night of the games. Please come support our Varsity Basketball Teams!

POSTED 2/8/2017

Boys' Basketball Senior Night Rescheduled

Boys' Varsity Basketball Senior Night has been rescheduled to tonight, February 8, 2017 against Fort Plain. Please come support our Varsity Wolves!

POSTED 2/1/2017

OESJ Pre-K Visits Mysteries on Main Street

On January 13, Take Your School Child to the Bookstore continues as an annual event for the Pre-K classes at OESJ. Thanks to funding from Senator Amedore’s office in the State Senate, the Pre-K classes received a book from Mysteries on Main Street, met with Ms. Milchman, and did other activities as they experienced the wonders of a bookstore. The children finished the day with pizza at Vince’s Pizzeria, making this trip to the bookstore a truly exciting and memorable day in January! Best of all, when we put a book in the hands of our youngest students and they have an adventure in a bookstore, we set the stage for a lifetime of literacy! To watch the video, please click here.

POSTED 2/1/2017

IMPORTANT: Yearbook Orders for Grades 7-12

Important message regarding 2017 grade 7-12 yearbook orders:

Since our yearbook is something that holds memories for you to have forever, and since it is an expensive purchase......we have an idea that we hope will help more students be able to have one!  Instead of paying the whole $30 at once, we are offering an easier 3 payment plan of $10 each! If you are interested in setting up a payment plan, please see Mrs. Lape or email her at jackie.lape@oesj.org.  The $10 payments will be due: February 17, March 17, and April 13.  The deadline to take advantage of this offer is February 17.  The 2016-2017 yearbook will surely be a treasure that you will be glad to have!

POSTED 1/30/2017

P.A.R.P. Begins!

Polar winds have blown into the OESJ Elementary School with the arrival of P.A.R.P. (Parents as Reading Partners).  P.A.R.P. officially kicked off on Monday, January 23rd with a visit from PETER Penguin of Antarctica.  PETER is here to Prepare Everyone to Enjoy Reading!  He will accompany the children on a polar expedition to Antarctica and the Arctic Circle as they learn about the regions and wildlife through books, presentations, author visits, and assemblies.  To read more about P.A.R.P. at the OESJ Elementary and see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 1/27/2017

OESJ Band presented with Proclamation from Mayor

The OESJ Band was presented with a Proclamation from St. Johnsville Mayor Bernie Barnes.  The Proclamation is to honor and recognize the Oppenheim-Ephratah St. Johnsville Band on their recent trip to Washington, D.C.  To see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 1/27/2017

Smart Schools Public Hearing

On February 1, 2017, there will be a Public Hearing on Smart Schools beginning at 5:30 PM.  A Board of Education meeting will follow at 6 PM.  Both meetings will be held at DHR.

POSTED 1/26/2017

Taking the Next Generation Science Standards by Storm

Sixth grade scientists at OESJ recently embarked on a new kind of challenge:  How can we model mitosis in our own way?  The Next Generation Science Standards are asking students to advance their thinking in three key ways: Scientific and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas. To read more about this story and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 1/24/2017

Regents Exams Rescheduled

Regents exams will be rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 25, 2017. The Living Environment and Global Studies Regents exams will be offered during the AM session. The ELA Regents exam will be offered during the PM session.

POSTED 1/24/2017

OESJ Central School Closed

OESJ is closed due to inclement weather. Regents exams will be rescheduled for tomorrow.

POSTED 1/21/2017

OESJ Community Gives a Warm Welcome Back to Band

On Friday, January 20, 2017, the OESJ community gave their band a warm welcome home.  The band had performed in Washington, D.C. at three locations.  Seven fire departments and two police agencies escorted the band back into St. Johnsville.  To see additional pictures and video, please click here.

POSTED 1/19/2017

OESJ Band Performs in Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, January 19, 2017, OESJ Band performed in Washington, D.C.  Students appeared at Fort McHenry, the Jefferson Memorial, and the National Cathedral. Congressman John Faso presented Band Teacher, Dianne Mott, with a flag that was flown over the capitol in honor of the band. To see additional pictures, news coverage, and video, please click here.

POSTED 1/20/2017

ABC Afternoon Focuses on Responsibility


Our K-2 ABC Afternoon students have been working on some amazing things!  Each time ABC Afternoon gets together, we start our program off with positive shares derived from our student’s life experiences.  We then slide into "at home," challenges and Facebook shout-outs.  Our current character focus this month is Responsibility.  Students and families are asked to come up with projects using art, technology, or literacy using our theme to teach others about good character. After the students finish sharing their projects, the class with the  "Snail-mail," problem of the week gets to share a project that answers questions.  Mrs. VanValkenburgh’s class created a clever video to answer such problems.  Their question was, "How can someone show that they are responsible?"  They did a fantastic job creating their video!

POSTED 1/19/2017

High School HAVOC Fundraiser

The Dynasty proudly presents High School HAVOC to be held as a fundraiser at OESJ High School.  The event will be held on Saturday, February 18 beginning with a “Meet & Greet” at 5:00 PM.  Profits will go towards the OESJ 7th and 8th Grade Field Trip to visit Boston this spring.  Boston is the sear of our nation’s early history.  Students will explore parts of the Freedom Trail and work in some science with a trip to the New England Aquarium!


OESJ Central School Closed

OESJ is closed due to hazardous road conditions in the higher elevations of our district.

POSTED 1/17/2017

OESJ Dismissing Early

OESJ will be dismissing early on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 11:30 AM due to inclement weather.

POSTED 1/13/2017

OESJ Spelling Bee 2017

Twenty-eight, 4th – 6th grade students, stepped onto the stage of the Marge Curtis Auditorium to compete in the Annual OESJ District Spelling Bee.  They did an amazing job spelling in front of their peers, teachers and families. The 2017 Spelling Bee for OESJ Central School District took place on Tuesday, January 10.  To read more and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 1/11/2016

OESJ Two-Hour Delay

OESJ is on a two-hour delay due to secondary road conditions.

POSTED 1/4/2017

OESJ Elementary Ski Club

The OESJ Elementary Ski Club will be making their first trip to Royal Mountain today. They will be returning to the High School around 7:20 PM this evening and to the Elementary School around 7:35. Please make sure all students are picked up promptly.

POSTED 12/29/2016

OESJ Basketball Schedule Change

The OESJ boys and girls basketball games have been postponed for tonight due to the inclement weather.  The boys home game in the Coach Cutspec Classic has been moved to tomorrow, Friday, December 30th. The JV boys will play at 1 pm with the Varsity boys to follow at 2:30 against Bainbridge-Guilford.  The girls away game in the Little Falls Tournament has also been moved to tomorrow, Friday December 30th. The Varsity girls will play West Canada Valley at 5 pm at Little Falls High School and the JV Girls will play WCV at 7 pm at Little Falls Middle School. The second round of the tournament is still TBD and the schedule will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.

POSTED 12/23/2016

The Polar Express at OESJ Elementary

On Thursday, December 22, all of K-3 students were treated with hot chocolate and popcorn provided by PAWS (Parents Advocating With Support). Pictured are students of the entire kindergarten class in their pajamas enjoying their treats and watching “The Polar Express”. Students were delighted to share this experience with their friends from other classes.  Thank you to our parent volunteers; this event was a big success! ​

POSTED 12/23/2016

May 2016 OESJ Culture Survey Results Released

POSTED 12/22/2016

OESJ is Georgia Strong

On November 23, a benefit for OESJ Senior Georgia Schaffer was held at the OESJ High School.  “Georgia Strong” t-shirts were sold to support the benefit.  Pictured standing left to right are Melissa Eagles, Pam Tuner, Denise Sherman, Sue Pedrick, Alma Getman, and Shelli Miller.

POSTED 12/22/2016

7th & 8th Grade Pie Sale

Pies will be at the High School for pick up starting Thursday, December 22, anytime after 3:00. They also can be picked up during the High School Concert.

Thank you to all who support the Pie Sale!

POSTED 12/9/2016/ UPDATED 12/19/2016

OESJ 2016 Updated Christmas Concert Schedule

4-6 Elementary Christmas Concert

Wednesday, December 21st 6:00 PM Elementary School

7-12th Grade Christmas Concert

Thursday, December 22nd 6:30 PM HS Auditorium

POSTED 12/14/2016

OESJ Elementary Spirit Week

The OESJ Elementary School will have a spirit week during next week, December 19-23. To view more details, click here.

POSTED 12/13/2016

OESJ Announces Official Capital Project Results

On Tuesday, December 13, voters in the Oppenheim-Ephratah - St. Johnsville Central School District approved the proposed Capital Building Project with a vote of 273 to 154.  Additional information regarding the proposed capital project can be seen below.

POSTED 12/8/2016

Capital Project Specifics
Capital Project Specifics Information

For additional detail capital project specifics, please click here or any image.

POSTED 12/1/2016

Detailed Capital Project Information

Capital Project Specifics
The OESJ school community will consider a capital project on December 13, 2016 that will propel the school district well into the 21st century. The project includes improvements at both school buildings that will strengthen learning for thousands of students today and in the future. For detailed project information, please click here. To view the district information packet, click here.

POSTED 11/16/2016

OESJ Building Project Vote Timeline & Information

The Vote for the Capital Project referendum is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

To read more about the Capital Project, click here.

To get more information on Voter Registration, click here.

POSTED 12/13/2016

OESJ Jr/Sr Academic Extravaganza

OESJ is holding an Academic Extravaganza, December 13, 2016 from 5:30-7:30. To read more, click here.


OESJ School Closed

OESJ is closed due to weather conditions.

POSTED 12/7/2016

OESJ Elementary November Wolf Awards

On December 4, 2016, OESJ Elementary students exhibiting good character were selected and celebrated during the school’s monthly Wolf Awards Ceremony.  Congratulations to the students who earned this award.  1st row: K. Herringshaw, A. Polidori, B. Wintermute, O. Achzet, B. Brown, K. VanValkenburgh, M. Young, K. Handy  2nd row: K. Swartz, S. Ryan, M. Thomas, L. Snell, L. Klock, K. Koloski, J. Polidori, H. Schoff  3rd row: J. Dygert, S. Schell, B. Case, D. Douglass, B. Smith, D. Barnes, G. Bailey, J. Walrath, B. Stowell, L. Miller, H. Steele.

POSTED 12/7/2016

OESJ Elementary Music Concerts Scheduled

The Elementary Christmas Concert is just around the corner!  The Music Survey revealed that a large majority of you would like this concert to be held on two different nights.  Thank you for voicing your opinions.  On December 14th, 2016, the K-3 Music Classrooms will be featured at a Christmas concert beginning at 6:00 PM.  On December 15th, 2016, the 4-6 Music Classrooms as well as the 5-6 Concert Band and 4-6 Chorus will be featured at a Christmas concert beginning at 6:00 PM.  To read more information about the concert, please click here.

POSTED 12/6/2016

Update Your Information in SchoolMessenger

Oppenheim-Ephratah St. Johnsville Central School District uses SchoolMessenger as our notifications provider.  Parents and Guardians are encouraged to

check out SchoolMessenger's InfoCenter, a tool that allows you to personalize how you receive communications from your school or district.  Starting December 7th, those who are eligible will receive information on how they can Opt-in to receive text alerts/messages from School Messenger.   To read more about SchoolMessenger or how to update InfoCenter, please click here or visit their website by clicking here.

POSTED 12/6/2016

PAWS Hosts Successful Breakfast with Santa

Parents Advocating With Support (PAWS)  hosted a Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus on Saturday December 3, at the H.C. Smith Benefit Club in Saint Johnsville.  The event was very well attended with over 275 people participating. To read more about this event and see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 12/5/2016

Patatas Bravas & Guacamole

Eighth grade students in Mrs. Hayes’ Home and Career Skills classes and Mrs. Elliott’s Spanish classes have been learning about different foods. In Spanish class, students read and interpreted a traditional Mexican recipe for guacamole and also a traditional dish from Spain called, “patatas bravas”. To see additional pictures and read more, click here.

POSTED 12/5/2016

OESJ Two-Hour Delay

OESJ is on a two-hour delay due to weather conditions.

POSTED 12/2/2016

OESJ Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the many OESJ students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2016-2017 first quarter. Click here to view students of the Junior/Senior High School. To view students from the Elementary School, click here.

POSTED 11/29/2016

DHR Building Water Results

DHR lead in water levels have been made available. Please click here to see the Certificate of Analysis for DHR Elementary water lead testing conducted by Fulmont Laboratory & Consultants.  

POSTED 11/29/2016

Agriculture Education Students Tour Power Distributors Warehouse and Learn about Fuel Injection

On Wednesday, November 16th students from the OESJ CSD Agriculture Education program visited the Power Distributors regional warehouse. Students of the Small Engine Repair, Agriculture Engineering, and Advanced Welding courses took the day to learn more about the small engine industry. The day started in the shop at the facility where the students observed the assembly of an engine from start to finish.  Click here to see additional pictures and to read more.

POSTED 11/21/2016

OESJ Sixth Graders Get Fishy


Sixth grade students at OESJ Elementary traveled to SUNY Cobleskill College on October 21, 2016 for their Trout in the Classroom field trip. Brent Lehman, the fish hatchery manager, introduced students to the college hatchery and taught students how to spawn the brook trout. To read more about this story, click here.

POSTED 11/21/2016

OESJ Student Performs in Area All State Concert

Jeff “Dutch” Baker exceptionally represented OESJ at the Zone 8 Area All State Concert Band performance on Friday and Saturday, November 18-19 at SUNY Oneonta. Jeff was selected for this elite group 3 years in a row- based on his NYSSMA scores at various Solo Festivals. The trumpeter and his director set the goal of achieving Area All State status when he was in 7th grade. Through much work and talent, Jeff’s achievements have well surpassed his original destination!   Jeff Baker, congratulations on living the dream! Way to “Shine On”!

POSTED 11/17/2016

Red Cross Blood Drive at OESJ Jr./Sr. High School

On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, there will be a Red Cross Blood Drive at the OESJ Junior Senior High School Auditorium from 1:00- 6:00 pm. To schedule an appointment call Mrs. Jackie Lape RN School Nurse/District Health Coordinator at (518) 568-2013.

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