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POSTED 12/13/2017

OESJ Board of Education Recognizes Students and Staff Members

Mrs. Danielle Schoff and EmmaJo Schmidtmann were recognized at the November 1st Board of Education meeting.  Mrs. Danielle Schoff was recognized for starting a recycling program in the district. To read the entire resolution click here.

EmmaJo Schmidtmann was recognized for organizing a bottle drive to raise money for

veterans receiving care at the Albany Stratton VA Center. To read the entire resolution click here.

Congratulations to Mrs. Schoff and EmmaJo!

Mr. Charles Berry and Christopher Abare were recognized at the December 6th Board of Education meeting.  Mr. Charles Berry was recognized for his strong desire to succeed in and around the workplace To read the entire resolution click here.

Christopher Abare was recognized for volunteering countless hours assisting the staff in the Technology office. To read the entire resolution click here.

Congratulations to Mr. Berry and Chris!

POSTED 12/11/2017

After School Activities Cancelled

All after school activities for Tuesday, December 12th are cancelled. This includes practices and games.

POSTED 12/11/2017

OESJ Elementary Wolf Awards

The October Wolf Award recipients are:

Kindergarten- Peyton Nemecek, Lilly Green, Benjamin Jones

First Grade- Ava Belcher, Abagail Leibowitz, Dylan Gray

Second Grade- Baize Wintermute, Ethan Pratt, Tyshawn Saunders

Third Grade- Chase Eakin, Aryana Bumbolo, Kayla Handy

Fourth Grade- Jim George, Landon Carpenter, Brooklynn Smith, Tyler Barnes, Lily Arduini

Fifth Grade- Justin Williams, Sara Brownell, Collin Eakin

Sixth Grade- Ryan Achzet, Mahala Pratt, Lillyanna O'Callaghan

Art- Samantha Darrow

PE- Tyler Barnes, Kendall Christman

Band- Jayson Humphrey

POSTED 12/11/2017

Spirit Week at OESJ Elementary School

The Elementary School will be having Spirit Week December 18-22. The schedule is attached. Happy Holidays!

POSTED 12/7/2017

12 Days of Christmas at OESJ Jr/Sr High School

To get in the Holiday Spirit the Class of 2018 will be having
the "12 Days of Christmas". Please see the schedule of the twelve days. Happy Holidays!

POSTED 12/7/2017

Dynasty Wrestling will be coming to OESJ

Dynasty Wrestling will be coming to the Jr/Sr High School on Saturday, December 9th. Doors open at 5:00 pm for Meet & Greet.  For more information contact Bryan Crowe at bryan.crowe@oesj.org or to view the flyer click here.

POSTED 12/6/2017

Assemblyman Santabarbara’s Student Cabinet

Two of our 10th grade students are participating in Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s Student Cabinet for the 2017-2018 school year.  This cabinet was formed to give the youth that he represents a front row seat to the state legislative process. Meadow Arduini and Kenidee Oare took a trip to the Clarkson University, Schenectady Capital Region Campus, to work in groups with other students from the region, focusing on issues within New York State public education. They worked in groups to solve budgetary scenarios given to them, and were then challenged by their peers to defend their decisions. They will reconvene with these students at the State Capitol in the spring. To read the press release and see more pictures click here.

POSTED 12/6/2017

Elementary 1st Quarter Honor Roll & High Honor Roll

Attached is the list of students in the Elementary who made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Click here to see the names of the students on the list.

POSTED 12/4/2017

Trout in the Classroom

Sixth graders at OESJ recently took a trip to SUNY Cobleskill for their spawning workshop.  Students are participating in the Trout in the Classroom program this year which is a year long multidisciplinary program following the year in the life of a brook trout.  Students brought back fertilized eggs, placed them in our tank, and will be observing them hatch at about Christmas time.  So far they are on the “Nice List.”  Several eggs have asked to hatch on Christmas Day.   In the spring, students will release the trout into a local stream. To see more pictures click here.

POSTED 11/30/2017

Do you know a student who is homeless?
Do you know a student in Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville who is experiencing homelessness? Do you know a student or family who is couchsurfing? They may be homeless, but there are resources available to help. Our school can help. 
Thanks to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, children are entitled to continue their education in a public school setting – including in their home district – if they are temporarily or permanently displaced from their homes. Contact our district McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act liaison: Ann Drummond  (518) 568-2014 ext. 103  #McKinneyVentoAct

POSTED 11/29/2017

Veterans Day Celebration

On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, our pre-k through 6th grade students honored veterans with our annual Veterans Day Program. Attending were over 80 veterans representing every branch of service and every era since WWII. The veterans received cards, thank you letters, poems, and homemade poppies. Veterans proudly stood for the anthem of their branch of service while third graders belted out the Armed Forces Medley in their honor. Veterans lined the hallways as the students left the gymnasium to receive their final appreciation: a smile, and handshake and a heartfelt "Thank you." From the smallest kindergartener to the most senior staff members, our thanks was humbly given.

POSTED 11/22/2017

The Good News

The December Edition of The Good News is available to view here.

POSTED 11/22/2017

School Tax Relief (STAR) Credit

Any STAR-eligible homeowners who paid property taxes for the first time in 2016 or 2017 will receive a rebate check for their STAR savings. This is a change from past practice when having STAR meant seeing an exemption, or reduction, in a homeowner’s property tax bill. The change is for new homeowners only; it does not affect homeowners who currently receive a STAR exemption. To read more click here.

POSTED 11/21/2017

First Grade goes "Batty"

How do bats help us? Where do they live?  Can they hurt us?  These were some of the questions that first graders in Mrs. Heroth's, Mrs. Mang's and Mrs. VanValkenburgh's classrooms asked at the beginning of their Bat STEM unit.  The students learned the importance of bats in relation to the mosquito population through a fun game called "Bats to the rescue" where they were the bats eating mosquitoes.  Reading poems, books, measuring pictures and researching different species of bats helped answer many questions.  To read more click here.

POSTED 11/21/2017

Class of 2018 to hold Ham Dinner & Basket Bingo

The Class of 2018 will be having a Ham Dinner and Basket Bingo on Friday, December 1st.  The dinner will be from 4-7 pm and Bingo from 6-9 pm in the High School cafeteria.

POSTED 11/17/2017

Mrs. Smith’s Class tell how they are grateful for others.

Students in Mrs. Smith’s 2nd grade class were challenged with the “Snail-Mail” question at ABC Afternoon.   The question asked, “Who are you grateful for, and how do you show them you’re grateful.”  The class got to work right away.  They made beautiful illustrations of whom they are most grateful for, and talked about how they show their appreciation.  The students in this class are an inspiration to others.  They leave us thinking about who we are truly grateful for and why.

Mrs. Smith's ABC Afternoon.mp4

POSTED 11/17/2017

Second Grade Learns about Communities

The second grade classes learned all about the three different kinds of communities.  They worked hard to learn what each community looks like, the different characteristics, and about their transportation.  Each of the classrooms brainstormed and designed one community scene. All of the scenes hang in the hallway outside their classrooms to help show the similarities and differences between the different communities!  Great job working together second grade! To see more pictures click here.

POSTED 11/16/2017 UPDATED 12/4/2017

OESJ JR/SR High Honor Roll

Congratulations to all the High Honor and Honor Roll recipients. Click here to see the list of students. Keep up the good work!

POSTED 11/14/2017

Mr. Phil Schoff Inducted into The NYS Baseball Hall of Fame

On Sunday, November 12th, Mr. Phil Schoff was inducted into The NYS Baseball Hall of Fame. Mr. Schoff  graduated from St. Johnsville High School in 1961. He went to Syracuse University on a basketball scholarship from 1961-65 and also played baseball for those 4 years, compiling a pitching record of 15-4.  Mr. Schoff and his brothers played Town Team baseball in St. Johnsville from 1968-1993. To read more click here.

POSTED 11/14/2017

OESJ Elementary October Wolf Awards

The October Wolf Award recipients are-

Kindergarten- Sophia Barnes, Aleah Mastenbrook, Ella Baynad

First Grade- Gwynethth Fox, Timothy Mikalonis, Aleigha Cook

Second Grade- Jeremiah Schaffer, Logan Crannell, Lindsey Eagan

Third Grade- Makena Richards, Henry Schoff, Jordan Swick

Fourth Grade- Nehvada Mead, Myracle Hart, Dominic Douglass

Fifth Grade- Sydney Hazzard, Paige Morrone, Jeffrey Lillard

Sixth Grade- Georgia Bailey, Dylan Barnes, Jacob Walrath

Physical Education- Delton Keba

Art- Jade Bonneau

Band- Kaylee Breton

Music/Chorus- Raelyn Hershberger, EmmaJo Schmidtmann, Sydney Hazzard

POSTED 11/14/2017

Financial Aid Night held at OESJ

On Monday, October 30th the OESJ Guidance Office hosted their annual Financial Aid Night for seniors. After a brief financial aid presentation by Moira Samek and Rebecca Cozzocrea from the Financial Aid Office at Fulton Montgomery Community College, the FMCC staff along with Mrs. Van Wie were able to answer questions and facilitate the completion of not only the FAFSA application, but for some the TAP and PELL as well.

POSTED 11/7/2017

First Grade is Grateful

Mrs. Heroth's first grade performed their "I am grateful" rap today!  The class had received the snail-mail challenge at the ABC Afternoon program with the statement "I am grateful."  The class started the activity by breaking into small groups and listing ways they were grateful on posters.  Then they chose one statement from each poster and worked together during Writing Workshop to write their song.  Students had the opportunity to be singers, play an instrument or hold up a poster for the performance. To see more pictures and a video click here.

POSTED 11/6/2017

Print Literacy Rules!

Students in Mrs. Murcray’s Social Studies class are learning about world and local events and asking big questions.  Deep conversations are happening freely and naturally with teachers and peers.  After perusing an article on the KKK, students were asking, “Well how could this group even be around anymore?” or “Could we watch the interview about this story?” or “Why would anyone so young be in the KKK and show their face?” As the year unfolds, students will be reporting to the class about current events and using the newspaper to help make sense of the world.  They will be tracking their “big questions” on Google Classroom and embarking on their own research.  To read more click here.

POSTED 11/6/2017

What’s Lurking in Your Water

Sixth grade biologists recently learned how to prepare a wet mount slide and observe prepared slides of their choice.  Several students brought in water samples from various ponds, creeks, mud puddles, old fish tanks, and even some green pools!  Sixth grade scientists then observed the slides as part of their first lab using the microscope independently.  They drew what they saw and were elated when something swam across their field of view!
To see more pictures click here. 

POSTED 11/6/2017

Take Your Child to the Bookstore

Another great moment when writing and teaching came together! November 3rd was Take Your School Child to the Bookstore Day. The Pre-K children from OESJ went home with a bag of books and a tummy full of pizza from Vince's Pizza and Pasta, thanks to funding acquired by Senator George Amedore.  He joined us, along with author and grant writer, Daniel Barrett . To read more click here.

POSTED 11/3/2017

4th Graders & HS Music Theory Collaborate

4th Grade Band students and High School Music Theory students, under the direction of Mr. Bellinger and Mrs. Mott, combined efforts in a unique collaboration to kickoff the 4th Grader's first band experience. The student-driven project was initiated by the ambitious and insightful high school students who are currently studying the relationship and intricate details of the various instrument families. Upon hearing about the 4th Grade kickoff, the high school class requested to put their knowledge in action by being part of this day. To read more click here.

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