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Regents Review Schedule 2018

POSTED 6/18/2018

6th Grade Visits Nature’s Classroom

Sixth grade students at OESJ attended Nature’s Classroom in Lake George during the first week of June. Students were exposed to a variety of outdoor activities, team building and science based projects. The trip lasted three nights and four days.

Students start fundraising and planning for the trip in September.  All students regardless of financial situations are able to go. The OESJ Board of Education donates towards the trip, as well as anonymous donors and Nature’s Classroom offers financial aid. You can see more pictures here.

POSTED 6/14/2018

Recycle-able Regatta

The 27th Recycle-able Regatta was held at Vosburgh's Pond on June 6th. This event is to show the student's the importance of recycling and helping the environment, while also having fun with a little competition. The participants from OESJ where represented by Arianna George, Trace Keba, Tristan Stevers, and Abigail Smith. Arianna and Trace came in third place for the middle school race and won the trophy for Best Use of Recyclable Materials. Tristan and Abigail won for Best Design. Click here to see more pictures.

POSTED 6/14/2018

Virtual Reality

Students in grades 3-6 virtually SOARED across America during P.A.R.P. this month.
Students went on a Google Expedition to America’s National Parks. By simply looking into the headsets VR helped bring the whole country to the classroom. Mrs. Parry helped guide the students through the Grand Canyon, Florida Everglades, Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano, El Capitan in Yosemite and Yellowstone Park. The VR headsets and the Google Expedition kits were borrowed from NERIC-Model Schools. Click here to see more pictures.

POSTED 6/11/2018

Summer meals will be available at the Ag. Ptech building in St. Johnsville

The annual breakfast and lunch program will be held at the Ag. PTECH building at 61 Monroe Street in St. Johnsville from July 9-August 24. Breakfast funs from 8-10 a.m. and lunch will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Check out the menus and more information here.

POSTED 6/7/2018

Congratulations to these five seniors honored by the HFM BOCES and FMCC

Congratulations to OESJ seniors Dakota Corapi, Dustin Dolder, Laura Littrell, Madison Richardson and Matthew Spain for being recognized at the third annual Fulton Montgomery Community College and Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES Student Recognition Dinner on Monday night, June 4.
The dinner honored nearly 60 outstanding seniors from high schools in the region.
Honorees were selected to attend the awards dinner to recognize their academic and personal achievements during high school.
They were joined at the dinner by Superintendent David Halloran and Jr./Sr. High School Assistant Principal Adam Heroth.

POSTED 6/6/2018

Breakout EDU

During Technology Class, students in grades 5 and 6 used Breakout EDU boxes borrowed from Model Schools, NERIC in Albany. Breakout EDU brings “Escape Room” strategy to the classroom. Breakout EDU is a game that had fifth and sixth graders thinking critically, problem-solving, troubleshooting, working collaboratively and having so much fun they didn’t realize how much they were using math to solve Volume puzzles in order to open a locked box.

Each class was split into 2 teams. First, the students had to look for clues around the room. Next, they had to solve problems to unlock a small box. Inside the small box were more clues. The teams then had to work collaboratively to solve over 15 more problems in order to open 4 more locks on the big box. Students were so excited to solve the problems and unlock the box. Click here to see more pictures.

POSTED 6/2/2018

A “Sweet” Time had by all at The Sweet Royalty Dance

On May 11th, the OESJ Class of 2021 hosted an event for all PreK-6th grade students and their families.  The theme of the event was, “A Night in Candyland.” Little ones danced the night away to music donated by Pure Entertainment with their special guests.   The prince and princess of Candyland were their spreading joy among the children as they took pictures with them. Precious Moments Photography donated their services to take posed pictures and candids. They captured smiles and happiness all evening.  This event was a huge success. Thank you to everyone that donated, worked, and attended. You can view pictures from the dance here.

POSTED 5/30/2018

9th Graders Perform “Shakespearean Tragedy” Original

Miss. McAleese's and Miss. Schmidt's 9th grade students performed their own "Shakespearean Tragedy" for the school last Thursday. The students worked in groups to write an original script that ties into a concept from Global Studies, and key pieces from their Shakespeare unit in ELA. The play is titled "The Battle of Love," and the 9th grade class will be performing again on Friday June 1st at 6 PM. Admission is $2 and all proceeds will benefit the Class of 2021. Come out and enjoy the show!​

POSTED 5/21/2018

Opening Day

Many people equate May 1st as the opening day of turkey season.  For OESJ 6th graders opening day proved to be a successful one from a hunting perspective and an educational one.  Mr. Jordan, 6th grade teacher and veteran turkey hunter, took his father hunting on the morning of May 1st. His father got a beautiful Tom which he donated to OESJ’s 6th grade science class.To read more and see pictures click here.

POSTED 5/21/2018

7th Grade Attends STEM Conference at FMCC

A select group of seventh grade girls choose to attend this year's STEM conference held at FMCC.  The event focused on topics designed to encourage young girls to explore science, technology, engineering and math with fun, interactive workshops and activities. While at the STEM conference the girls had the experience of being on a local community college campus and met professionals and role models in the STEM fields from around the area.

7th STEM

POSTED 5/16/2018

28th Annual Oppenheim Rock Ceremony

The OESJ Elementary will be hosting their Annual Rock Ceremony on Thursday, May 24th at 9:00 am. All Veterans and community members are invited. You can read the invitation here.

POSTED 5/16/2018

Herkimer Diamond Mines present:  ROCK & STEM Camp 2018

Please come and join the Herkimer Diamond Mines & KOA Resort in their inaugural year of a refined science and recreation summer camp.  Open to children ages 6-13 years of age, with both beginner and intermediate level camp experience. Camp will operate on a weekly basis from July 9th - August 15th.  Camp capacity is 40 campers per week. For more information and the enrollment application, please click on the link here.

POSTED 5/16/2018

Results from the Budget Vote and BOE Election

Budget Passed-   Yes= 198 No =120

Bus Proposition PassedYes = 200  No = 112

BOE Member Election Results- Neil Clark - 168 votes ( 1 year term) Chad Barnes - 174 votes (3 year term)

Shellie Walrath - 188 votes (3 year term) Jeremy Brundage - 172 votes (2 year term)

POSTED 5/15/2018

Annual Budget Vote and BOE Election

The Board of Education and Budget Vote will be today, Tuesday, May 15th, from 12-8 p.m. at the Jr/Sr HS Auditorium and OESJ Elementary gymnasium. Voters will be electing four BOE candidates, voting on $19.2 million proposed budget and consider bus purchases from the reserve account.

POSTED 5/12/2018

6th Graders Study Ancient Egypt

Sixth grade Social Studies students at OESJ recently ended their study of ancient Egypt with an “Egypt Fair.”  Students learned how to write a formal research paper, complete with bibliography. Students were able to choose topics of their interest to research.  They also produced an art project to display with their paper at the Egypt Fair. Mummies were made out of paper mache, paint, and even a Barbie wrapped in iodine stained bandages!  The Egyptian wall art was painted on a Plaster of Paris base and modeled after hieroglyphics and Egyptian tomb paintings. Materials for pyramids ranged from wood, clay, cardboard, sand, and paint, to the edible--Rice Krispies, chocolate, and marshmallows completed several step pyramids!

What is a Mummy’s Favorite Kind of Coffee?.............. De-coffin-ated!

Egypt- 6th grade

POSTED 5/7/2018

Mohawk Valley FFA Banquet Invitation

The Mohawk Valley FFA will be holding their yearly banquet on Tuesday, May 29th, in the OESJ Jr/Sr High School cafeteria. The banquet recognizes the accomplishments of our members for the 2017 - 2018 school year with the help of their family, friends, and supporters. The banquet is open to friends and supporters of the FFA. Click here to see the invitation.

POSTED 5/7/2018

Meet the Candidate Night Cancelled

The Meet the Candidate Night scheduled for May 8th has been cancelled due to lack of participation.

POSTED 5/4/2018

Augmented Reality

Students in grades K-6 learned about Augmented Reality in Technology Class. Students used the QuiverVision app on iPads to make their two dimensional drawings spring from the paper. Grades K-2 have been learning about animals and colored animals. Grade 3 and 4 have been studying the 7 continents and colored maps. Grade 5 discussed the meaning of the symbols on flags and then created a flag to represent themselves. Grade 6 has been studying animal and plant cells and colored parts of the cell.  After coloring their pictures, the students focused their ipads on their paper and their pictures seemed to come alive and become three dimensional. Students had a magical time using Quiver to create a 3D Augmented Reality. You can view more pictures here.

POSTED 5/2/2018

XtraMath Fact Master

Fifth Grader, Zachary Young is the second student at OESJ Elementary to ever complete the XtraMath program. XtraMath is an online program used to help students master their math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Zachary has mastered all his facts and was able to complete each fact in 1.5 seconds. Congratulations Zachary, our Fact Master!


Food Science Tours Beech-Nut

On Tuesday, April 24th the Food Science and Technology course taught by Chris Smith toured the Beech-Nut food processing facility in Amsterdam, New York. Students started the tour with food safety in mind. Students dressed with lab coats, safety glasses, ear plugs, hair nets, beard nets, and had to remove all of their jewelry before entering the facility. Students were then lead through the history of Beech-Nut from the beginning to its current operating state. The tour of the ¼ mile long building took students through the whole process of how butternut squash becomes baby food. To read more and see pictures click here.

POSTED 5/1/2018

Youth Serving Veterans Cleanup

Stephanie Austin, Ethan Lansing, and Joshua Villegas volunteered their time on Saturday, April 28th, to visit the homes of local veterans to rake leaves and clean up yards.  They did an excellent job and deserve recognition for giving up their day to help others along with Mr. Crowe.

POSTED 4/30/2018

Spirit Week at Elementary School

The Elementary School will be having Spirit Week starting May 7th.

May 7th - Hoodie Day

May 8th - Wear Blue Day

May 9th - Sneaker Day

May 10th - School Colors Day

May 11th - Dress for Success

POSTED 4/30/2018

Animal Research in First Grade

Students in First Grade learned so many interesting and cool facts about animals. The students did animal research online in Technology Class. In ELA, they wrote sentences using the facts they discovered about their animals. During their next Technology class, they created Google Slides with animals images and they typed in their sentences. Please check out their beautiful and informative Google Slides about animals here.

POSTED 4/22/2018

Kindergarten Turn Themselves into Caterpillars

In the library this week with Ms. Russo and Ms. Johnson, Kindergarten library classes read the classic Eric Carle book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Students put together their own caterpillar costumes as a follow up activity to reading the book. They were very excited to turn themselves into caterpillars!


POSTED 4/18/2018

OESJ Jr/Sr High School Honor Roll & High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the OESJ Jr/Sr High students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 third quarter. You can view the list here.

POSTED 4/17/2018

Class of 2021 Hosting a Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance

The OESJ Class of 2021 will be hosting this year's Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance for all PreK-6th grade students and families on May 11, 2018. The theme is "
A Night in Candyland."  If you have a smartphone you can sign up online using the QR code on the form. For more information see the attached flyer.

POSTED 4/17/2018

Pre-K Applications are Available for 2018-2019 School Year

Applications for Pre-K are now available. Students who live in the OESJ school district and will turn 4 years old on or before December 1, 2018 are eligible to attend. Contact Julie at 518-568-2014 ext. 117 for an application.

POSTED 4/17/2018

Parent Discussion Group

Catholic Charities is interested in starting a parenting discussion group in your community. The group will meet for 6 weeks and is meant to be a time where parents are able to offer support to one another as well as learn new skills for interacting with your children. By participating in this class, you are not identified as a “bad” parent, but rather as someone who is interested in growing your parenting skillset. You will leave this group with a supportive group of community members who can walk alongside of you during the journey of parenthood. This group is intended for parents and grandparents of teenagers or children about to be teenagers. However, all will be welcomed to attend. If interested in participating, please take this quick survey and we will contact you with more information. https://goo.gl/forms/Os0GjOKdISkEHOQG3

POSTED 4/17/2018

Letter from Superintendent Halloran

Please see the letter from Superintendent Halloran concerning the National School Walkout. The letter can be viewed here.

POSTED 4/17/2018

OESJ Elementary Honor Roll & High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the many OESJ Elementary students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 third quarter. To view students from the Elementary School, click here.

POSTED 4/15/2018

OESJ Elementary Wolf Awards

The March Wolf Award recipients are:

Kindergarten: Dylan Williams, Kahlan Crozier, Ryan Clifford

1st Grade: Magdalene Young, Kamryn VanValkenburgh, Penelope Clauson

2nd Grade: James Thomas, Brooke Foote, Kamirynn Guyer-Baker

3rd Grade: Rebecca Johnson, Kendall Christman

4th Grade: Karyn Castellano, Mira Norris, Jordan May

5th Grade: Andrea Manners, Maddison Simonds, Lily Johnson, Jahdia Austin

6th Grade: Zoe Eakin, Kendra Breton, Ashlyn Strobel

P.E.: Kale Brownell

Art: David Doxtader

Band: Elizabeth Wilmot

Music: Delton Keba, Mahala Pratt, Kenneth Calabrese

Library: Trenton Cook

POSTED 3/29/2018- UPDATED 4/13/2018

Save the Date- OESJ-AP Scholarship Games 

The OESJ-AP will be holding their Annual Scholarship games on Friday, April 20th. There will be raffles, food and fun! See the schedule of events here.

POSTED 4/13/2018

10th Graders Participate in “Stronger Than Hate” Project

Students from Miss. McAleese's 10th grade English class participated in project titled, "Stronger than Hate," after studying the Holocaust in their Global class and reading "Night," by Elie Wiesel. Students were asked to create and participate in their own community project geared toward combating hate in their communities. Many students created surveys to gather statistics on bullying and how to understand one another's differences, as well as creating posters throughout the building to encourage one another. One group of students visited the elementary school to present their project to younger students about "Standing up for yourself." They performed skits on how to handle social situations better, presented information and interacted with the younger students.

POSTED 4/10/2018

XtraMath Fact Master

Fifth Grader, Collin Eakin, is the first student at OESJ Elementary to ever complete the XtraMath program. XtraMath is an online program used to help students master their math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. First, Collin was able to complete all his math facts in 3 seconds. Next, he was put in the advanced level, and he was able to complete all his facts in 2 seconds. Collin was then put in the top level of XtraMath. Collin has mastered all his facts and was able to complete each fact in 1.5 seconds. Congratulations Collin, our Fact Master!

POSTED 4/9/2018

March Math Madness

Students in grades 1-6 competed in March Math Madness. On day 1 of the competition, all students took a timed addition test. Students with the highest scores continued in the competition. Students who continued in the competition, were given fact tests with different operations and facts that were more difficult. We had an “Elite 8”, “Final 4”, and “Top 2” in each bracket. You can read more here.

POSTED 4/3/2018

Math & Movement Family Fun Night

On Wednesday, March 28th, the OESJ Elementary School sponsored a Math and Movement Family Fun Night. Math and Movement is a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching math that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, cross-body movements and yoga. The program uses visually pleasing floor mats that allow children to practice basic skills while using visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning modalities. The floor mats allow children to jump and move as they learn. Math and Movement is unique because it shifts the normal teaching perspective by allowing the students to become the math manipulative on the floor mat! This large visual allows students to have fun "playing a game" while learning and practicing math and reading concepts. Find more information about the program by going to www.mathandmovement.com.

This event and other enrichment activities were made possible by funding from the Capek Family Foundation.

Math & Movement

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