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POSTED 9/5/2017

Pay and view your 2017-2018 taxes online

You can now pay and view this years taxes online. Click here to go to the School Taxes page.

POSTED 10/18/2017

Cross Country Meet at RFA

Click the link here to view pictures and videos from the Cross Country Meet at RFA on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

POSTED 10/18/2017

Veterans Day Celebration

O.E.S.J. Elementary School Celebrates VETERANS!

Wednesday, November 8,  2 0 1 7

8:30 AM

Who is a Veteran?

Veterans are people who gave their time and effort to keep us safe and free serving in our armed forces.

Calling all Veterans!

We would like to invite any Veteran (parent, grandparent, neighbor, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, brother, sister, etc.) to attend our celebration. ANY veteran, anyone who has served in the armed forces, during wartime or peace, reserves or active, is welcome to attend!

POSTED 10/18/2017

Trolls Bracelet Recalled

Please see the attached document regarding a bracelet recall. This could have been purchased at the book fair or through scholastic classroom orders

POSTED 10/18/2017

OESJ Student Raises Money for Veterans.

Nine year old EmmaJo Schmidtmann led a bottle drive and fundraiser to raise money for Veterans receiving care at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center.

She collected the bottles on Saturdays and with the help of her local American Legion, returned them for money at the local supermarket. EmmaJo's mom Carrie also helped out and placed a donation jar at the Bridge Street Bakery & Cafe in Saint Johnsville. The bakery was very happy to see EmmaJo's efforts benefiting their favorite Veteran customers!

EmmaJo personally delivered the $144.91 donation to the VA Voluntary Service Office. She and her family were provided with a tour of Voluntary Service. She stated that she "was very grateful to those who have protected our country, our families and those who continue to do so."

KUDOS to EmmaJo, her family, American Legion and those who took part in the efforts on behalf of our Veterans!

POSTED 10/16/2017

OESJ Board of Education Recognizes Students and Staff

Ms. Phoebe Sitterly and members of the Mohawk Valley FFA were recognized at the October 4th Board of Education meeting.  The resolution reads, “Ms. Sitterly has been a tireless advocate throughout her career and always sought opportunities to expose her students to countless learning opportunities”.  To read the entire resolution click here.

The Mohawk Valley FFA was recognized for recently competing in the Big E Parliamentary Procedure Competition and/or volunteering their time to assist teachers and administrators for the OESJ Jr/Sr Open House. To read the entire resolution click here.

Congratulations to all!!

POSTED 10/13/2017

Picture Day at the Elementary School

Picture Day for the Elementary School will be Friday, October 27, 2017.  Any questions please call the school at 518-568-2014.

POSTED 10/12/2017

ABC Afternoon student’s in Mrs. Case’s Class have RESPECT!

On day 6, all K-2 students meet in the gymnasium to learn about good Attitude, Behavior, and Character.  During the program, one class gets randomly selected to work on a project for a week.  The problem or question is delivered in our  “Snail-Mail,” envelope. Students patiently wait for their class name to be drawn.  Mrs. Case’s class was first to create a project to teach the other K-2 students about respect.
To read more click here.

POSTED 10/12/2017

Board of Elections Visits OESJ HS

Mr. Yvars invited the Montgomery County Board of Elections to O.E.S.J. and its representative, Mr. Terrance Smith, explained the voting process to the seniors in the library. The seniors were also registered to vote, and a question and answer period ensued.

POSTED 10/10/2017- UPDATED 10/11/2017

OESJ Boys Soccer WAC Champions Shirt

Anyone interested in ordering a Boys Soccer WAC Champion shirt please use the attached form here. Orders must be in by Thursday, October 12th at 10:00 am. Congratulations to the Boys Soccer team and Coach Snell!

POSTED 10/10/2017

Red Cross Blood Drive

There will be a Blood Drive at the OESJ JR/SR High School on Friday, October 27, 2017 from 1:00-6:00 pm in the auditorium. To schedule an appointment please contact Ms. McAleese at molly.mcaleese@oesj.org.

POSTED 10/10/2017

Spirit Week at Jr/Sr High School

The Jr/Sr High School will be having Spirit Week the week of October 10th.  

  • Tuesday, October 10th- Twin Day

  • Wednesday, October 11th- 70's Day

  • Thursday, October 12th- USA Day

  • Friday, October 13th- School Spirit Day (wear school colors)

POSTED 10/5/2017

Spirit Week at Elementary School

The Elementary School will be having Spirit Week the week of October 10th.  

  • Tuesday, October 10th- Hat Day

  • Wednesday, October 11th- Inside Out Day

  • Thursday, October 12th- Pajama Day

  • Friday, October 13th- School Spirit Day (wear school colors)  

POSTED 10/5/2017

4th & 5th Graders Visit the Lois McClure

On Monday October 2, the fifth graders visited the Lois McClure, a canal schooner, at the St. Johnsville Marina.  It is a full-scale replica of an 1862-class sailing canal boat.  The students learned about transporting of goods along the canal and how families lives aboard the boats. To see more pictures click here.

POSTED 10/4/2017

The Changing Times

The students in Ms. Bellinger's and Ms. Johnson's Good News Journalism class will be publishing a monthly newsletter emphasizing positive events taking place in our community and around the world. To read the first publication click here.

POSTED 10/4/2017

Mrs. Heroth’s First Grade works in the Garden

The O.E.S.J Elementary butterfly garden had some first grade gardeners in it today!  The students in Mrs. Heroth's class with the help of Mrs. Smirtic worked together to plant tulip bulbs.  The students were divided into groups  that had to  decide first where they wanted to plant their bulbs.  Then they had to measure the depth of the holes that were dug and make sure the bulbs were placed in correctly.  The students then drew diagrams of the garden and added labels to refer back to in the spring.  Observing the butterflies and bees in the garden may have been the highlight to their afternoon!
To see more pictures click here.

POSTED 9/26/2017

College Caravan Visits OESJ

On Monday September 25, OESJ hosted the CDCA Fall College Caravan. Twenty-five colleges/universities from New York, Massachusetts and Vermont were set up in the high school gym for this "mini college fair". OESJ high school students were able to speak with admissions counselors as well as gather information on college majors and career opportunities.
To see more pictures and the colleges that attended click here.

POSTED 9/25/2017

OESJ Students Explore Different Careers

Students in Ms. Jewett's English Class spent the week exploring careers with the help of Business and Careers teacher Ms. Bellinger. They were given information on many options available in today's economy, including advanced manufacturing, and careers that address the "skills gap", all which could lead to promising careers and the revitalization of communities. To see more click here.

POSTED 9/25/2017

Mohawk Valley FFA Members Compete at The Big E

Six Mohawk Valley FFA Members participated in The Big E Parliamentary Procedure Competitions on Friday, Sept. 15th in Springfield Massachusetts. The Mohawk Valley FFA team qualified by placing second in the New York State Competition. The team competed against eight other teams from eight other states. In total there were thirteen states represented through the FFA competitions at The Big E. FFA Members Laura Littrell, Madison Dunbar, Jacob Battisti, Casey Watson, Jesse Watson, and Owen Feagles put their Parliamentary Procedure knowledge to the test and placed fifth in the competition! Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us get this far!

POSTED 9/22/2017

First Grade Studies the Butterfly Life-Cycle

Mrs. Heroth's first grade had an exciting start to the school year with the arrival of a Monarch Butterfly chrysalis from one of their classmates.  The class was able study the butterfly life-cycle, learn about its habitat, and how to use a magnifying glass. They released the butterfly today and then observed what was left of the chrysalis. Click here to see more picture.

POSTED 9/21/2017

10th Grade Uses Murder Mystery in Classroom

10th Grade students in Miss McAleese's class are learning about how a text's point of view can help develop the central idea. Students are working on a "Point of View Clue" project, in which they have all been given new identities as suspects for a murder mystery in the classroom. Students have been given a story line in which they can draw conclusions and make a claim about who committed the murder and how they went about it. To read more click

POSTED 9/17/2017

Next Generation Learning Standards Approved

The Board of Regents P-12 Committee approved New York’s Next Generation Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The State Education Department conducted a collaborative process over two years to revise the standards, which involved numerous educators, parents and stakeholders from across the State, and resulted in substantive changes while maintaining the academic rigor of the learning standards.

Click below for the entire story on the NYS Education Department website-http://www.nysed.gov/news/2017/board-regents-p-12-committee-approves-next-generation-learning-standards

Click below for the story in the Times Union "Goodbye Common Core" -            http://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Goodbye-Common-Core-New-York-s-new-English-math-12188672.php

POSTED 9/15/2017

OESJ Elementary has “Golden” manners in the cafeteria!

The OESJ Elementary School has started a new program to award students using good manners during lunch.  Each week one student in each grades K-6 will receive a “Golden Fork and Spoon Award.” This award is given for students that display outstanding attitude, behavior, and character in the cafeteria during lunch.  Students are nominated by Mrs. Bradt, Ms. Stowell, and Mrs. Taylor.  Recipients are announced on Friday mornings by Mrs. Fredericks  during the announcements.  The following students were honored first;

K- Jacob Colorito (not pictured)

1- Laura Wright

2- Baize Wintermute

3- Aaliyah Rachon

4- Jada Pearl

5- Zachary Young

6- Ava Campione

POSTED 9/15/2017

Science is Fun

Fifth graders have been learning about various pieces of science equipment and how to use them. They made notes about experimentation and the scientific method, tools and how to use them, and how to be safe in a science classroom.  Students rotated through eight different stations which consisted of classifying, length,volume, hand lens,time,mass, temperature and safety where they got to use science equipment and practice important science skills. To read more click

POSTED 9/14/2017

The Fruits of Our Labor

Last year’s sixth grade class planted a “Seedfolks” garden in the spring.  While reading Seedfolks, by Paul Fleischman, in Mrs. Battisti’s ELA class, students learned about diversity in a community. Seedfolks is full of colorful characters that come together and grow a beautiful garden.  At the same time, students learned about plant diversity in Mrs. Murcray’s science class. To read more click here.

POSTED 9/14/2017

Fifth Grade to Create a Positive Culture in the Classroom

During the first week of school, Mrs. Brundage’s fifth grade math students took time to begin creating a positive culture in the classroom. “Each kindness makes the world a little better,” was a powerful message heard after reading the book Each Kindness. And, students also enjoyed the wonderful book Ishi, a story about Ishi, an optimistic little rock that lives inside of all of us. To read more click

POSTED 9/12/2017

OESJ Golf Team Earns First Victory Ever

Von Baker finished with a 44 to lead Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville to a WAC victory over Northville-Mayfield at Sacandaga Golf Club. It was the first victory for OESJ, which is fielding a varsity golf team for the first time this season. Keagan Clemons posted a 52 for the Wolves, Austin Hayes had a 55 and Jeb Brundage carded a 69. Casey Watson and Jesse Watson each had rounds of 74 for OESJ.

POSTED 9/11/2017

OESJ Elementary Students have “Fun with Energy”

Whether he was propelling himself on skates across the gym, screaming at a pile of Rice Krispies on top of a can, creating smoke signals, tossing balls across the room with a sling shot or using a leaf blower to unravel rolls of toilet paper, Jeff Boyer knows how to keep everybody’s attention. To read more click here.

POSTED 9/9/2017

First Week of School for OESJ Students

It was a busy week for students at OESJ as they started their new school year. The hallways and classrooms were filled with excited students and faculty. To view more pictures click the links below.

Elementary pictures

Jr/Sr High School Pictures

POSTED 9/9/2017

Class of 2021 to hold Student & Parent Meeting

The Class of 2021 advisors will be having a student and parent meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 6pm in the High School Auditorium. They would like to introduce themselves, discuss the election of officers, fundraising and class finances.  You can email Jill Fredericks or Staci Battisti with any questions.

POSTED 9/9/2017

OESJ Third Grader Excited to Tell Her Story

Audrina McAdams, a third grader, started off the school year preparing a presentation about her recent diagnosis of Dystonia. Audrina wanted to share her challenges with her classmates to bring awareness to her condition. Not only did she want to share what it is like to have Dystonia but she also wanted to bring awareness to the idea that everyone is unique and we should embrace what makes us different. What an amazing little girl.  Audrina is the daughter of Vinnie & Becky McAdams.

POSTED 9/8/2017

Congratulations Mrs. Lape!

The Board of Education recognized Mrs. Lape for her 40th year with the school district at the BOE meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 2017. The resolution says, "Mrs. Lape is on of those rare compassionate, tireless employees who strives to bring the best out of herself, her colleagues and her students each and every day". Congratulations to Mrs. Lape. Click here to see the resolution.

POSTED 9/7/2017

Students Recognized at BOE Meeting

Shaiann Bouck and Zachary Mosher were recognized at the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 2017 for their outstanding character and work ethic as summer custodians. Click here to see the resolution.

POSTED 9/1/2017

Board of Education Meeting

The OESJ Board of Education will hold a meeting on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 6:00 PM in the Elementary Cafeteria. The agenda can be viewed here.

POSTED 8/16/2017

7-12 Class Schedules

Schedules for grades 7-12 will be mailed out on Monday, August 21, 2017. Included in the mailing will be letters from Mr. Slater and the guidance department, along with a new home contact form.  Please fill out the home contact form and have your student return it to either the main office or their homeroom teacher.

POSTED 8/9/2017

Free Meals for all OESJ Students in 2017-2018
All students enrolled in OESJ District will receive both breakfast and lunch for FREE this year. This includes PTech programs. To read more, click here.

POSTED 7/11/2017 - UPDATED 8/9/2017

OESJ Elementary 2017-2018 Class Supply Lists

The OESJ Elementary 2017-2018 Class Supply Lists are available.  Please note that each Kindergarten class has their own list.  To view the updated supply list, please click here.

POSTED 7/18/2017 - UPDATED 8/9/2017

OESJ Middle School 2017-2018 Class Supply Lists

The OESJ Middle School 2017-2018 Class Supply Lists are available.  To view the supply list, please click here for the updated list.

POSTED 7/24/2017

Special Board of Education Meeting

The OESJ Board of Education will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 5:30 PM in the Elementary Cafeteria.  The agenda can be viewed here.

POSTED 7/18/2017

OESJ Agriculture Teacher Teaches Workshop at the NYAAE 100 Years of Agriculture Education Inquiry Institute

Chris Smith, High School Agriculture Teacher at OESJ CSD, attended the New York Association of Agricultural Educators (NYAAE) Conference that celebrated 100 years of agriculture education. As part of the conference, Chris attended an Agriscience Inquiry Institute. The NYAAE Agriscience Inquiry Institute focused on improving agriscience teachers’ ability to incorporate scientific methodology, problem-solving, and inquiry-based learning into their existing agriscience curriculum. To read more about the conference and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 7/6/2017

OESJ Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the many OESJ students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2016-2017 fourth quarter. Click here to view students of the Junior/Senior High School. To view students from the Elementary School, click here.

POSTED 7/1/2017

OESJ Kindergarten Graduates


On June 21, Fifty-eight Kindergarten Students from Mrs. Hazzard, Mrs. Gentile, Mrs. Hudyncia and Mrs. Case's rooms celebrated their Graduation Day. Thanks to Mrs. Parry for putting together some of the memorable moments of 2016/2017 in this animoto. Congratulations Kindergarten Graduates!!!

POSTED 6/28/2017

Congratulations Class of 2017!

On Friday, June 23, OESJ held its fourth commencement ceremony.  There were 47 graduates that crossed the stage to receive their diplomas and enter the world.  Liam Sammons, class Salutatorian, gave his speech entitled, “Let’s Live It,” were he thanked his peers, parents, faculty and staff, and reminisced on what the Class of 2017 has accomplished.  Class Valedictorian, Lyndsey Lynch, encouraged her classmates to “take risks– don’t be afraid to take that leap–, find your passion and work hard towards your goals, but most of all, make sure you’re happy along the way”.  Guest Speaker Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara spoke to the graduates and guests.  OESJ is extremely proud of its graduates and wish them the best of luck in their future.  To see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 6/22/2017

Middle School Visits Boston

On Monday, June 19, OESJ 7th and 8th graders visited Boston, Massachusetts.  The Middle School worked all year long raising more than $6,000 to go on this trip.  The students were able to visit the New England Aquarium, watch the IMAX show Amazon Adventure,  take a Harbor walk to view Tall Ships, Quincy Market, and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. A great time was had by all!  To view additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 6/22/2017

Sixth Grade Graduates!

01 6th_Graders_Through_the_Years_2017_720p.mp4

OESJ sixth graders graduated today!  Their ceremony included a slide show presentation of their year complete with videos and a mannequin challenge.  This was directed by Mrs. Parry and students worked under her, editing the presentation.  Mrs. Brownell directed the entire 6th grade in the choral tear-jerker by Tim McGraw—“Humble and Kind.”  Mr. Bellinger led the 6th graders in a rocking instrumental number.  Superintendent, Mr. Halloran, and Mrs. Kawryga, principal, spoke to the students.  Their inspirational words will hopefully be carried with the new graduates onto 7th grade.  Sixth graders also had the treat of guest speaker, and soon to be graduate Jeff Baker.  Good luck new 7th graders! To view more videos, click here.


For past news stories, visit the NEWS ARCHIVE.


The OESJ School District seeks to provide the best possible education for every student. We strive to maintain an excellent learning environment to ensure every student graduates from high school prepared for college and career success.


The mission of the OESJ Central School District is for every student to experience an enriching environment where they will master the skills necessary for 21st century learning and reach their full potential for applying knowledge. All OESJ students will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful and authentic learning through teachers’ use of research based, innovative instructional practices. We will educate our students to become life-long learners, cooperative workers, quality producers and outstanding citizens.
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