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Technology in the DHR UPK

School is back in session and for the four year old children in the Universal Pre-K class at D.H. Robbins Elementary; it is a new world of adventure.  The most recent development in this new and exciting world called school is the use of technology in the classroom.  In addition to technology class, students have desktop computers, a SMARTboard, and iPads available for use in the classroom.  With a brief, but detailed lesson on how to use each device, students are enthusiastic to try them all.  Kate Yoder, classroom teacher, says that using technology is the students’ favorite activity.  They flock to the computers, both the novice and the expert.  Every child comes to school having been exposed to different types of technology.  “At this age, the students are so social that it works to our advantage.  Those who know how to use a mouse help those who do not.  Those who know how to navigate on a tablet help those who do not.  They are actively engaged in an educational activity while working on skills such as cooperation, interpersonal communication, and fine motor development”, says Yoder. 

According to researchers, Lydia Plowman & Joanna McPake, “technologies can expand the range of opportunities for children to learn about the world around them, to develop their communicative abilities, and to learn to learn,” (Seven Myths About Young Children and Technology, Childhood Education, v. 89, i. 1, p. 27-33).

Zachary Battisti and Jordan Gallt