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Turkey Talk

OSTED 11/26/2013
OESJ Elementary/Middle School students learn about turkeys

In advance of Thanksgiving break, students at the OESJ Elementary/Middle School learned about turkeys with the help of two turkey experts at the school. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 26 OESJ Middle School science teacher T. J. Jordan, who is the founder and president of the Saratoga Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and teaching assistant Judith Dopp, who raises turkeys and other animals on her hobby farm in Stratford, shared their expertise with the students. 

Jordan demonstrated various turkey calls for the students and answered questions while displaying two stuffed trophy turkeys. The presentation included information about different varieties of turkeys, their habitats, calls and more. Dopp brought a domesticated Royal Palm turkey, Frankie, from her farm. She plans to mate Frankie with a hen to raise other turkeys. 

To view a photo album of the Turkey program visit the district's Facebook page. (Note: You do not need to be signed into Facebook or have a Facebook account to see the photo gallery.) [Click here to see the photo gallery...]