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Student Leadership Team

POSTED 11/3/2013
Student Leadership Team appointed at OESJ High School
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"The concept of an honor roll has been a long-accepted measure of student success. Its purpose is to celebrate and further inspire students’ academic rigor," Mr. Smith said. "With the requirements of the new Common Core Learning Standards, we can no longer simply provide the transmittal of knowledge. Students must demonstrate higher-order thought processes and be able to exhibit real world application of those skills. We believe that this criteria sets the standard for our students’ success." 

Wolf Pack Students Leadership Team members 
Ninth Grade 
Jeff Baker, Alexis Romyn, Liam Sammons, Addie Brundage, Seth Bly, Jason Smith, Caitlyn Handy  and Lyndsey Lynch

10th Grade 
Lauren Fitzpatrick, Abigail Swank, Corrine Dreusike, Samantha Lamphere, Cynthia Smith, Alix Sowle and Rebecca Bruce

11th Grade 
Sam Mumford, Kait Isaac, Teresa Krutz, Megan Bradt, Destiny VanBuren, Hunter Boonen, Joel Case, Kait Issac, Grace Yezierski and John Vicerialli

12th Grade 
Jessica Senft, Skyler Viveros, Breanna Dunn, Jeremy Wegener, Tanisha Koehler, Tyler Boonen, Brittany Copeland and Victoria Blyth