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Roadside safety

POSTED 12/10/2013
State drivers urge students to take caution around snow plows
New York State Department of Transportation snow plow drivers visited the David H. Robbins Elementary School Nov. 25 providing roadside safety tips and other information for students. 

State Transportation Department employees Larry Carpenter, Tom Flander, Matt LaCoppola and Greta Rathbun gave students the chance to see a state plow truck up close while explaining the importance of staying clear of roadways when a plow passes.

The drivers explained that plows throw more than just snow and those in reach risk getting hit by rocks, chunks of asphalt, nuts and bolts that can come loose from the truck and other debris. The students also learned about road mileage markers, the dangers presented by flooded roads and more. 

The drivers also touched on aspects of their work in the spring, summer and fall and discussed the ongoing education drivers are required to complete.

“Even after you get out of school, you have to keep learning,” DOT employee Tom Flanders told the students.

The visit is an annual program at the school made possible through the state Department of Transportation’s Operation Outreach Snow Plow Program.

To view a photo album of the DOT program visit the district's Facebook page. (Note: You do not need to be signed into Facebook or have a Facebook account to see the photo gallery.) [Click here to see the photo gallery...]