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OESJ Middle School Honor Rolls

POSTED 12/6/2013
OESJ Middle School names Honor Roll students
OESJ Elementary/Middle School Principal Jeanine Kawryga has announced Honor and High Honor rolls for the first quarter of 2013-14.

OESJ Middle School students earning High Honor Roll recognition must achieve a 90.00 or above average. Middle School Honor Roll students must earn an average between 84.50 and 89.99. 

"The purpose of the Honor Roll is to recognize and encourage rigor and excellence in our schools. It is a critical resource for parents and educators that distinguish our students for academic success," Kawryga said. "It is our district's mission with the new Common Core Learning Standards, and what they require of our students, that we no longer simply provide the transmittal of knowledge. Students must be able to demonstrate a higher order of thinking and apply what they’ve learned to real world application. We believe that this criteria will set the bar for our students to be successful."

Honor Roll students will be recognized at a breakfast on Dec. 16. Parents will be invited to attend. 

Middle School High Honor Roll 
Eighth Grade 
Dakota Corapi, Jacob Dudar, Clayton Gallt, Laura Littrell, Seth Myers, Korina Richards, Madison Richardson

Seventh Grade 
Jack Brundage, Abigail Countryman, Deegan Eggleston, Hannah Getman, Emma Hart, Jaedyn Logan Dillenbeck, Jazmin Mumford, Nicholas Sanguine, Robert Snell, Carlin Straney, Christopher Swartz

Sixth Grade 
Cassandra Abare, Meadow Arduini, Von Baker, Skyler Barker, Reese Battisti, Dylan Corapi, James Dudar, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Chad Gallt, Isabella Masi, Kenidee Oare, Trinity Rathbun, Rebecca Trumble

Middle School Honor Roll 
Eighth Grade 
Trent Barker, Shiann Edge, Dakota Hayes, Kyleigh Hayner, Amanda Martin, Zackery Quill Katherine Sampere

Seventh Grade 
Thysha Boyer, Harold Coffin, Cayla Corlew, Alexander Dodson, Katrina Foster, Mariah Hurteau, Madison Johnson, Fontana LaCoppola, Tyler Leon, Faith McFarland, Christopher Martin, Blaine Miller, Solomon Palmer, Nicholas Randall, Samantha Reese, Zachary Reese, Casey Watson, Samantha Weaver Alexis Wood

Sixth Grade 
Jeb Brundage, Emily Darling, Adam Feagles, Ashley Hastings, Julieanna Hickey, Gabrielle LaCoppola, Benjamn Littrell, Christopher Mayton, Gabrielle Palmer, William Schoff, Ashlee Shelmandine, Cameron Sharp