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POSTED 5/6/2014
National Junior Honor Society coming to OESJ Middle School
With the merger of the two schools this past year, OESJ district had to apply for a new Charter to be a member of the National Junior Honor Society. The district has received the charter and can proceed with the first induction of new members.

National Junior Honor Society is more than just an honor roll. It serves to recognize those students who have excelled in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character.

The selection process starts by determining those students who meet the scholastic criteria of a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 85 pecent or greater. At the end of the second marking period, those students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade who have a cumulative GPA of 85 or greater will be notified of their academic eligibility. 

Because this year will be the first induction ceremony of the OESJ NJHS, the GPA’s of the prospective candidates were completed at the end of the third marking period. Only the sixth and seventh grade students were considered this first time because the chapter will begin in September 2014. The current eighth grade students will be attending the high school and will be considered for the National Honor Society at the appropriate time.

Each academically eligible student will be given a Student Activity Information Form to complete, outlining their accomplishments in the areas of service and leadership.

The Faculty Council, consisting of five faculty members appointed annually by the principal, will carefully review the leadership, service and character of the candidates. Candidates receiving a majority vote of the council will be inducted into the chapter.