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Meet the Candidates

POSTED 5/5/2014
OESJ “Meet the Candidates Night” set for May 13
The Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville Association of Professionals will host a Meet the Candidates Night at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 13 in the OESJ High School auditorium. 

At the event the OESJ Board of Education candidates will each have the opportunity to introduce themselves before answering randomly-selected questions from a pre-determined list. OESJ Interim Superintendent Thomas Gallagher will moderate the evening. 

After the question and answer period, refreshments will be served and audience members will have the opportunity to visit with the candidates. 

Seven OESJ residents will appear on the May 20 ballot for the three board seats up for election this year.  

The candidates are William J. Lints, Cynthia Breh, Michael Yezierski, Jason Romeyn, Mary Weaver, Stephanie Dye and Ty Stowell.  (Candidates are listed here in the same order as they will appear on the ballot.)

Here are the questions that will be asked of the candidates

1. The BOE will be responsible for hiring our next superintendent. What qualities will you be looking for in our next leader?

2. Describe the role of the superintendent.

3. What are the top 3 priorities that you would like to accomplish if you are elected?

4. What financial experience do you have that qualifies you to manage a multi-million dollar budget?

5. What marketing strategies could you employ to re-brand this newly created district?

6. Some people may say that there is still some conflict between the two communities. What do you think the board can do to reduce this conflict?

7. Of these seven qualities, effective communicator, consensus builder, community participant, decision maker, information processor, leader and team player, - explain which is your strength.

8. Scenario: You are attending a school event when you are approached by a community member who is questioning a recent controversial board decision. That person wants to know why you are supporting (or not) that decision. Explain your response.

9. There is a crisis in education in this country, in this state, and in this community. Issues such as drop out rates, absenteeism, failure rates and educational neglect affect all of us. How do you envision the BOE moving forward as a team with the teachers, students, and community to improve our district?

10. What do you see is the primary function/purpose of the school board?

11. What kind of relationship should the board have with its community? (parents, teachers, students, taxpayers)

12. What is the biggest challenge facing OESJ at this time