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Math Madness

POSTED 5/1/2014
DHR students compete in Math Madness Challenge
During the month of March, David H. Robbins Elementary Schools students in grades 3-5 participated in Mrs. Christine Parry’s March Math Madness. 
March Math Madness

For three weeks the students completed math problems earning points for the problems they solved. The top point winners earned prizes. 

In Mrs. Brundage’s class, Asa Handy earned 70 points, Sydney Eggleston 66 points and Kamden Battisti 65 points. 

In Mr. Heiser’s class, Travis LaFountain collected 71 points, Allysa Baldwin 42 points and Susan Hayes 29 points. 

In Mrs. Eggleston’s class Shayna Straney earned 85 points, Margaret Christensen 70 points and Orion Pratt 61 points. 

In Mrs. Battisti’s class, Jesse Walrath netted 66 points, Emilie Peterson 63 points, and Joseph Christman 56 points. 

In Miss McNulty’s class Kristen Sanders earned 78 points, Andrew Snell 75 points, and Jordan Simzer 72 points. 

In Mrs. Null’s class, Anderson Eggleston achieved 87 points, Jade Dygert 85 points, and Colten Christensen 83 points. 

The students in grades 3-5 also participated in a math fact challenge during the last week of March Math Madness. 

The first day each student took a math fact test. The Sweet 16 in each grade level competed the next day with the Elite 8, Final 4, and the Terrific 2 competed the following days. 

The Final 4 in grade 5 were Kamden Battisti, Asa Handy, Allysa Baldwin and Travis LaFountain. The Final 4 in grade 4 were Cadence Johnson, Shayna Straney, Emilie Peterson and Jesse Walrath. The Final 4 in grade 3 were Max Kadric, Carolyn Littrell, Jordan Simzer and Kirsten Swartz. 

The March Math Madness Final Fact winners were Asa Handy in grade 5, Cadence Johnson in grade 4 and Jordan Simzer in grade 3. 

Congratulations to all the winners.