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Dealing with cold weather

POSTED 1/21/2014
Take precautions against extreme cold
Due to wind chill advisories issued by the National Weather Service, the district and the Montgomery County Emergency Management Office advise parents to take extra precautions when sending children to school, the bus or otherwise outside this week. Wind chills can result in frostbite and/or hypothermia if precautions are not taken. 

The National Weather Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise:

• Dress in layers under a warm coat, this will keep you warmer than just a single heavy coat alone
• Cover all exposed flesh to protect from frostbite
• Wear a hat, particularly one that covers the ears
• Wear gloves or mittens (warm mittens can often be better than gloves because they keep the fingers close together)
• Stay dry - wet clothing chills the body rapidly
• Cover your mouth with a scarf or mask to protect your lungs from extreme cold

For more cold weather tips, read the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s publication Extreme Cold: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety.