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Holiday wreaths

POSTED 12/27/2013
OESJ High School BTB program makes holiday wreaths
Thanks to the school's new Beyond the Bell program, OESJ High School students had a gift making extravaganza just in time for the holiday break. With the help of the school’s Ag and Tech departments, on Thursday, Dec. 19, the students learned how to make decorative wreaths.

The OESJ High School Beyond the Bell program offers after school academic help and enrichment opportunities for all high school students. Enrichment opportunities in the areas of art, agriculture, English and technology are scheduled. 

The program runs Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

To view a photo album of the DOT program visit the district's Facebook page. (Note: You do not need to be signed into Facebook or have a Facebook account to see the photo gallery.) [Click here to see the photo gallery...]