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Beyond the Bell: Trebuchets

POSTED 2/24/2014
Beyond the Bell program features enrichment opportunities 
Students attending OESJ Beyond the Bell afterschool programs often get the chance to engage in fun, creative projects that reinforce or give early exposure to concepts necessary for success in the classroom.

The OESJ High School Beyond the Bell program offers after school academic help but also offers special enrichment opportunities for all high school students in such areas as art, agriculture, English and technology.

In one recent Beyond the Bell session, OESJ High School technology teacher Kristy Shafer guided high school students as they constructed trebuchets, a type of catapult used in medieval times to fling huge rocks.   

As they constructed the trebuchets, students practiced the skills of measuring to a 1/16 of an inch, proper use of tools and reading technical directions.  While using the trebuchets, students will be able to study the concepts of levers and slings, counterweights, projectile force and momentum.