FFA Visits 6th Graders

POSTED 10/26/2017

FFA Members visit 6th Graders

On Friday, October 20th Mohawk Valley FFA Members Laura Littrell, Madison Dunbar, Josie Brundage, and Owen Feagles facilitated an activity for the sixth-grade students. During the time spent with the sixth graders, FFA members ran a leadership activity to teach students about being well rounded and making their circle bigger. The sixth-grade students had to work as a team using a rubber band with strings attached to it to pick up cups. Students found that the more strings that were attached to the rubber band, the easier this task became as with more people the rubber band becomes more circular. After the activity, FFA hosted a pizza party for the sixth-grade students. During the activity Mohawk Valley FFA President Laura Littrell stated that “many people think FFA is just for farmers, but what they don’t realize is the leadership benefits and other agricultural careers that they might be exposed to.” As the chapter works with students of the OESJ school, we are hoping to extend their knowledge of leadership and agriculture.