4th Graders & HS Music Theory

POSTED 11/3/2017

4th Graders & HS Music Theory Collaborate

4th Grade Band students and High School Music Theory students, under the direction of Mr. Bellinger and Mrs. Mott, combined efforts in a unique collaboration to kickoff the 4th Grader's first band experience. The student-driven project was initiated by the ambitious and insightful high school students who are currently studying the relationship and intricate details of the various instrument families. Upon hearing about the 4th Grade kickoff, the high school class requested to put their knowledge in action by being part of this day. Student mentors co-taught the lessons, following the lead of the instructors, and gave hands on, one-on-one attention to each eager 4th Grade instrumentalist. The student leaders teamed with their practice partners to demonstrate instrument and case care, assembling the instrument, sound production, posture, and breath control. The 4th Graders worked hard to please their role models and new future practice partnerships were formed. Beginner Band was offered to each OESJ 4th grade student and members of the High School Music Theory class who participated in this event included Meadow Arduini, Skyler Barker, Keagan Clemons, Gabby LaCoppola, Bella Masi, Kenidee Oare, Trinity Rathbun, Madison Richardson, and Seth Richardson.