10th Graders Use Murder Mystery in the Classroom

10th Grade students in Miss McAleese's class are learning about how a text's point of view can help develop the central idea. Students are working on a "Point of View Clue" project, in which they have all been given new identities as suspects for a murder mystery in the classroom. Students have been given a story line in which they can draw conclusions and make a claim about who committed the murder and how they went about it. Students will have to present their case to the class about why they are not a suspect and who is to blame, based on textual evidence, told from the point of view they were assigned. On Wednesday, students walked in to find the classroom turned upside down to match the story line of the murder, and to examine the crime scene. Next week they will be presenting to the class from their assigned point of view, dressed in costume to match their new identity.