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POSTED 6/7/2018

Congratulations to this year's recipients of Underclassmen Awards

These students in grades 7-11 were recognized during an assembly today for their achievements this year. Congratulations to everybody! Click here to read the list.

POSTED 6/7/2018

Congratulations to these five seniors honored by the HFM BOCES and FMCC

Congratulations to OESJ seniors Dakota Corapi, Dustin Dolder, Laura Littrell, Madison Richardson andMatthew Spain for being recognized at the third annual Fulton Montgomery Community College and Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES Student Recognition Dinner on Monday night, June 4. The dinner honored nearly 60 outstanding seniors from high schools in the region.
Honorees were selected to attend the awards dinner to recognize their academic and personal achievements during high school.
They were joined at the dinner by Superintendent David Halloran and Jr./Sr. High School Assistant Principal Adam Heroth.

Read more about each honoree here - http://www.hfmboces.org/the-2018-fmcc-hfm-boces-student-recognition-dinner-honorees/

POSTED 5/7/2018

Mohawk Valley FFA Banquet Invitation

The Mohawk Valley FFA will be holding their yearly banquet on Tuesday, May 29th, in the OESJ Jr/Sr High School cafeteria. The banquet recognizes the accomplishments of our members for the 2017 - 2018 school year with the help of their family, friends, and supporters. The banquet is open to friends and supporters of the FFA. Click here to see the invitation.


Food Science Tours Beech-Nut

On Tuesday, April 24th the Food Science and Technology course taught by Chris Smith toured the Beech-Nut food processing facility in Amsterdam, New York. Students started the tour with food safety in mind. Students dressed with lab coats, safety glasses, ear plugs, hair nets, beard nets, and had to remove all of their jewelry before entering the facility. Students were then lead through the history of Beech-Nut from the beginning to its current operating state. The tour of the ¼ mile long building took students through the whole process of how butternut squash becomes baby food. To read more and see pictures click here.

POSTED 5/1/2018

Youth Serving Veterans Cleanup

Stephanie Austin, Ethan Lansing, and Joshua Villegas volunteered their time on Saturday, April 28th, to visit the homes of local veterans to rake leaves and clean up yards.  They did an excellent job and deserve recognition for giving up their day to help others along with Mr. Crowe.


POSTED 4/18/2018

OESJ Jr/Sr High School Honor Roll & High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the OESJ Jr/Sr High students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 third quarter. You can view the list here.

POSTED 4/17/2018

Class of 2021 Hosting a Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance

The OESJ Class of 2021 will be hosting this year's Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance for all PreK-6th grade students and families on May 11, 2018. The theme is "
A Night in Candyland."  If you have a smartphone you can sign up online using the QR code on the form. For more information see the attached flyer.

POSTED 3/28/2018

Mohawk Valley FFA Celebrates FFA Week

The Mohawk Valley FFA celebrated National FFA Week from February 26th to March 2nd. The week consisted of many activities that made impacts on our school and community. Members helped to bring attention to agriculture and FFA through facts that were announced every morning, opening the eyes of students to show how important agriculture is! During the week the chapter also ran its elementary school coloring contest. Read more here.

POSTED 3/26/2018

Give the Gift of Blue

The Mohawk Valley FFA has created a new award that its members can apply for- their own FFA jacket. An FFA jacket is an article of faith, honor and pride that unifies members in a long-standing tradition, reminding them that they are part of something larger. One FFA jacket costs $55 and is embroidered with the state, chapter, and name of the member. A committee of Mohawk Valley FFA members created an application for any Mohawk Valley FFA member that is in sixth through ninth grade. From the applicants, members will be selected to receive their own FFA jacket at our annual banquet in May. If you are interested in supporting this award in any amount please feel free to contact Mohawk Valley FFA Advisor Chris Smith at (518) 568-2011 or christopher.smith@oesj.org.

POSTED 3/24/2018

FFA Members Increase Ag Literacy During National Agriculture Literacy Week!

Laura Littrell, Madison Dunbar, and Josie Brundage helped to increase the agricultural knowledge of the second grade at the OESJ Elementary school on Wednesday, March 21st. The members read the book “Before We Eat: from farm to table” to the second grade classes of Mrs. Pedrick, Mrs. Blanc, and Mrs. Smith. The FFA members read the book to each class, and then led an activity discussing how an apple goes from the farm to the table. The second grade then snacked on apples! Each classroom received a copy of the book so students can continue to learn about agriculture. The Mohawk Valley FFA would like to thank the second grade for allowing us to visit their classroom and Fulton-Montgomery Cornell Cooperative Extension for sponsoring the books left with each classroom.

POSTED 3/23/2018

OESJ Jr/Sr Students Compete at GE

On Saturday March 17th, 15 students from the OESJ Jr/Sr High School competed in the KIDWIND competition at General Electric (GE) in Schenectady. Jolynn Cedeno, Kyara Nichols, Alex Ouderkirk, Rebekah Semple, Skylynn Sargeant, Shelby Groff, Mackenzie Barker, Emilie Peterson, Cadence Johnson, Magdelina Pellerito, Paetyn Logan-Dillenbeck, Jesse Walrath, Margaret Christensen, and Sebastian Ackernecht. This STEM Competition is meant to show students the different aspects of wind energy technology and how it can help our environment. You can read more here.

POSTED 3/22/2018
OESJ Wellness Day at the Jr/Sr HS

Wellness Day was held Friday, March 16th, and was put on by Mrs. Lape and the Wellness Team. Some of the topics were- Substance Abuse Prevention, Understanding Anxiety/Depression, Skin/Hair Care for Teens, Healthy Relationships, Crossfit Training, Dance-A-Thon and ALICE Safety Training. Presenters were set up in the cafeteria for students to visit during their lunch periods. They could get information on Teen Health Issues from the Montgomery County Public Health Nurse, dental care, Mental Health information, Reality Check and sample smoothies made by OESJ students. The students enjoyed themselves and learned valuable information. Thank you to Mrs. Lape and the Wellness Team for all your hard work. You can see pictures here.

POSTED 3/13/2018

OESJ Jr. High Semi Formal

On March 9th, students in grades 7 & 8 held a semi formal dance at the OESJ jr/sr high school.  Students in grade 8, led by their class advisor, Mrs. Kelly, sponsored this dance organizing every aspect from foods and drinks all the way to the playlist and DJ services.  Students really took ownership of this night and a good time was had by all --including chaperones Mrs. Brundage, Mrs. Jenkins, Ms. Rogers, and Mr. Battisti. Students in both grade levels truly enjoyed a night of positive socialization with their peers and school staff.  Thank you to all who helped make it a great night!

POSTED 3/13/2018

Ms. Jewett’s Class Creates a Documentary

Students in Ms. Jewett's Monsters, Mortals, and Myths class have been studying monster storytelling from ancient classical literature to modern tales of today. Drawing on their love for the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, they created a documentary called, "Stranger Things is not so Strange". They worked in groups to research and explain the real historical events, science, and math concepts that are used by the creators of this modern monster tale. Many juniors and seniors were able to attend the first screening of their film.

POSTED 3/6/2018

15 OESJ students to compete in regional KidWind competitions

Some students used foam cups as blades in the design of their unique wind turbines. Others used bottles. Or aluminum foil. Or cut up plastic Folger’s Coffee cans.

Among the 13 projects at the OESJ KidWind Challenge presentations in the cafeteria last Thursday, there were also different numbers of blades used on their creations: 3, 4, 6 and 12.

Both of those features – the number of blades and the material used for the blades – most likely had an impact on how quickly and smoothly the turbines turned.

The 50 or so eighth-grade students, who worked in teams along with one high school team, were there to show off their hand-made turbines and with hopes of moving on to the next level: a trip to regional competitions at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica on March 8 and GE in Schenectady on March 17. To read more click here.

POSTED 2/20/2018

OESJ Board of Education Recognizes Student and Staff Members

At the January 4th, 2018 Board of Education meeting Mrs. Jackie Lape, Mrs. Cheryl Brown and Mrs. Kate Yoder were recognized for their work through the Salvation Army Holiday Assistance Program. To read the resolution click here.

Keagan Clemons was recognized for demonstrating excellent leadership qualities and school spirit this school year. To read the resolution click here.

POSTED 2/19/2018

OESJ HS Art Departments Annual Community Art Program

OESJ High School art students will be making 8 barn quilts. Orders will be taken on a first come first serve basis.  All quilts will be completed and ready for pick up by Friday, May 18th. Purchasers are responsible for pick up, installing/displaying their own quilt. Each 4 ft  x 4 ft  quilt is $65.00. Please note that this is a community service project and the price reflects the cost of materials.


Barn quilts are wooden squares painted to look like quilts and positioned on a garage, barn, house, shed, business or free standing post. Barn quilts are based on traditional patterns painted to make them unique to each property and community. Barn quilts will not have any logos or lettering on them, as they are art, not a sign.

To place an order, complete the attached order form here and return by March 16, 2018 to:

Sara Thibodeau

Art Teacher

OESJ High School


POSTED 2/8/2018

OESJ Juniors Create a Documentary

OESJ Juniors in Ms. Jewett's English and Mr. Yvar's U.S. History class, worked with Special Ed. teacher Rose Sammons, Library Media Specialist Karen Johnson, and Bill Cooper in the Technology Dept. to create a documentary Titled: The American Civil Rights Movement. Students worked in small groups to research and then create a short film to tell the story of one part of the American struggle for equality and justice, which spans decades and continues today. The entire project was assembled from these pieces into one full length film. Students were treated to a pizza party where they viewed the final product, a Film "Wrap Party". Students and teachers all learned together that the film-making industry is tough and requires good communication skills, time-management, and a great deal of grit.

POSTED 1/30/2018

BOE Recognizes Student at Meeting  

Keagan Clemons was recognized at the January BOE meeting for The resolution says, “demonstrating excellent leadership qualities and school spirit this school year”. To read the entire resolution click here.

POSTED 1/30/2018

​YC Biddy Cheerleaders Show Their Support  

The St. Johnsville Youth Center Biddy Cheerleaders showed their Wolfpack pride at the Boys JV basketball game last week. The girls cheered from the sidelines, performed at halftime and got to interact with the Varsity Cheerleaders. In turn, some of the biddy cheerleaders traveled to Schoharie to watch the Varsity team compete in the "Small Town Throwdown Competition" on Sunday.

POSTED 1/6/2018

PTECH and AgPTECH visit OESJ 8th Graders

Eighth grade students at OESJ listened to a presentation about the PTECH and Ag PTECH programs through HFM BOCES on Thursday, January 4, 2017.  Any eighth grade student from OESJ who is interested in either of these programs can complete the online application at:  hfmboces.org/applynow

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