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POSTED 2/20/2018

OESJ Board of Education Recognizes Student and Staff Members

At the January 4th, 2018 Board of Education meeting Mrs. Jackie Lape, Mrs. Cheryl Brown and Mrs. Kate Yoder were recognized for their work through the Salvation Army Holiday Assistance Program. To read the resolution click here.

Keagan Clemons was recognized for demonstrating excellent leadership qualities and school spirit this school year. To read the resolution click here.

POSTED 2/19/2018

OESJ HS Art Departments Annual Community Art Program

OESJ High School art students will be making 8 barn quilts. Orders will be taken on a first come first serve basis.  All quilts will be completed and ready for pick up by Friday, May 18th. Purchasers are responsible for pick up, installing/displaying their own quilt. Each 4 ft  x 4 ft  quilt is $65.00. Please note that this is a community service project and the price reflects the cost of materials.


Barn quilts are wooden squares painted to look like quilts and positioned on a garage, barn, house, shed, business or free standing post. Barn quilts are based on traditional patterns painted to make them unique to each property and community. Barn quilts will not have any logos or lettering on them, as they are art, not a sign.

To place an order, complete the attached order form here and return by March 16, 2018 to:

Sara Thibodeau

Art Teacher

OESJ High School


POSTED 2/8/2018

OESJ Juniors Create a Documentary

OESJ Juniors in Ms. Jewett's English and Mr. Yvar's U.S. History class, worked with Special Ed. teacher Rose Sammons, Library Media Specialist Karen Johnson, and Bill Cooper in the Technology Dept. to create a documentary Titled: The American Civil Rights Movement. Students worked in small groups to research and then create a short film to tell the story of one part of the American struggle for equality and justice, which spans decades and continues today. The entire project was assembled from these pieces into one full length film. Students were treated to a pizza party where they viewed the final product, a Film "Wrap Party". Students and teachers all learned together that the film-making industry is tough and requires good communication skills, time-management, and a great deal of grit.

POSTED 1/30/2018

BOE Recognizes Student at Meeting  

Keagan Clemons was recognized at the January BOE meeting for The resolution says, “demonstrating excellent leadership qualities and school spirit this school year”. To read the entire resolution click here.

POSTED 1/30/2018

​YC Biddy Cheerleaders Show Their Support  

The St. Johnsville Youth Center Biddy Cheerleaders showed their Wolfpack pride at the Boys JV basketball game last week. The girls cheered from the sidelines, performed at halftime and got to interact with the Varsity Cheerleaders. In turn, some of the biddy cheerleaders traveled to Schoharie to watch the Varsity team compete in the "Small Town Throwdown Competition" on Sunday.

POSTED 1/6/2018

PTECH and AgPTECH visit OESJ 8th Graders

Eighth grade students at OESJ listened to a presentation about the PTECH and Ag PTECH programs through HFM BOCES on Thursday, January 4, 2017.  Any eighth grade student from OESJ who is interested in either of these programs can complete the online application at:  hfmboces.org/applynow

POSTED 12/21/2017

OESJ HS Students visit the State Capitol

Junior and seniors went on a field trip to the New York State Capitol with their English, History, and Business Law classes. They enjoyed a guided tour of the Capitol Building, including some of the most beautiful architecture in America, The Hall of Governors, and got to sit in the legislative chambers, to get a better idea of where and how the work of our state government takes place. They also spent part of their day at New York State Museum, where they enjoyed exhibits on the women's suffrage movement, 9/11, and the Iroquois peoples, among many others highlighting the rich history of New York State resources and art.

POSTED 12/21/2017

High School Students Collect Donations for Cat Rescue

The Business Law and Criminal Justice classes, led by Laura Bellinger and Emily Moore, took donations for the Second Chance Cat Rescue here in St. Johnsville.  Sherry Keough brought 6 adoptable kittens with her to play with their new toys.  The students helped her to her car with big bags of dry food, litter, and other items.  We hope to make this an annual community service event.

POSTED 12/19/2017

NYS Mentoring Program at OESJ Jr/Sr High School

The New York State Mentoring Program is currently underway at the Jr/Sr High School.  The group consists of several seventh grade mentees along with older students who have previously been selected and trained to be mentors.  The purpose of the program is to create and support mentor relationships.  Mrs. Stalteri and Mrs. VanWie coordinate the program with oversight from Brad DiPietro of the NYS Mentoring Program.

POSTED 12/19/2017

December Publication of the OESJ Good News

Please click here to read the December publication of the OESJ Good News. You can also find the link on the Jr/Sr High School page under quick links.

POSTED 12/13/2017

OESJ Board of Education Recognizes Student and Staff Member

Mrs. Danielle Schoff and EmmaJo Schmidtmann were recognized at the November 1st Board of Education meeting.  Mrs. Danielle Schoff was recognized for starting a recycling program in the district. To read the entire resolution click here.

EmmaJo Schmidtmann was recognized for organizing a bottle drive to raise money for

veterans receiving care at the Albany Stratton VA Center. To read the entire resolution click here.

Congratulations to Mrs. Schoff and EmmaJo!

Mr. Charles Berry and Christopher Abare were recognized at the December 6th Board of Education meeting.  Mr. Charles Berry was recognized for his strong desire to succeed in and around the workplace To read the entire resolution click here.

Christopher Abare was recognized for volunteering countless hours assisting the staff in the Technology office. To read the entire resolution click here.

Congratulations to Mr. Berry and Chris!

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