Finance Study Steering Committee

The Board of Education and the Interim Superintendent have decided that a long-range financial plan for our newly merged central school district, OESJ, should be developed.

The Board of Education has commissioned the SES Study Team, LLC consultant service to help answer the question: 

Is there a financial plan framework with explicit guidance and planning criteria that, if followed, will likely reduce the OESJ budget and property tax reliance on reorganization (merger) incentive aid when the special aid terminates in twelve years?

The Study Team has requested that a working steering committee be formed by the Board to meet with them as they do their study.  The purpose of the Steering Committee is to discuss relevant data with the Study Team and to give a local perspective as to what should be the criteria for such a long-term financial plan. The insights will help guide the elements of the study, and be helpful to the Board of Education and the school leadership as decisions are made by them about the long-term financial viability of the district.

The Steering Committee includes two Board of Education members, and five diverse members of the school district community chosen by the Board from all of the community members who volunteered to be considered. In addition, the Business Official, and the Superintendent are members of the Committee.  It is likely the Steering Committee will meet with the SES Study Team about three to four times over the next five or so months.

The Board and Superintendent thank the Steering Committee community members for their time and willingness to help give insights as the Board of Education decides the best path for the financial future of the OESJ School District.

Posted below are agendas and minutes as they become available of the Financial Study Steering Committee.