David H. Robbins Elementary School Student Health Services

Jacqueline Lape, RN, District Health Coordinator, D.H. Robbins School Nurse
Ph: (518) 568- 2013, email: jackie.lape@oesj.org

We are concerned not only with educating our students but also with their health and safety.  We would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the following health service issues:

Physical Examinations – are required by NYS Education Dept. for new enterers, students receiving special education evaluations, kindergarteners, and students in grades 2, 4, 7, and 10.  Of course it is always best that a child see their physician on a regular basis, so if you wish your child to receive his/her physical by your private physician notify the school nurse to receive the physical exam form.  Otherwise children can receive their physical during the school year through the school physician /nurse practitioner.

Dental Exam Certificates – will be requested when the health appraisals are required which would be for new entrants, as well as students in Pre-K, K and Grades 2, 4, 7 and 10.

Medication – can be administered by the school nurse when the appropriate medication form is completed by a child’s parent and physician.  Medication must be brought to the nurse by the parent in its original container.  DO NOT send medication in with any student.  Contact the nurse when you need a medication form if your physician does not provide one.

Vision & Hearing screening –done during each school year.  If any problem is found the parent will be notified and requested to have further evaluation done by their physician.

Growth rate – height and weight checked each year, parent will be notified of any concern.

Scoliosis screening – students in grade 5 will have a visual exam by the school nurse for any back, spine, shoulder, hip bone growth abnormality, parent will be notified of any concern.

Physical Education Class/Recess Excuses – students having a minor health problem causing a parent to feel their child should be excused from P.E. class for up to a week are accepted. Physician excuses are required for any extended time period and students will be assigned a modified P.E. program to meet their individual needs.

Health Office Passes – DHR elementary students are given a health office pass for each visit to the nurse.  Then when the child returns to the classroom the teacher is aware of the child’s situation and any school nurse actions taken, at the end of the day your child will bring this form home for your information. A copy will also be kept in the health file. Parents will be contacted directly concerning any issue which requires immediate attention, but for basic problems (general first aid, minor illness, wet pants, etc.) you will be notified via these forms, so check with your child each day.

Communicable Diseases – If your child is absent due to any type of illness that can be spread from person to person, please notify the school nurse.  Being aware of this information will help better control the spread of diseases such as chicken pox, strep throat, flu, scabies, headlice, impetigo, ringworm, pinworms, etc.  Notifying the school nurse of your child’s illness would be beneficial for other children as well as helping to prevent a possible relapse for your child.

Home Contact Information Forms – if any information you provided on this form changes during the school year please be sure to notify us.

Change of Clothing – You many want to consider sending in a change of clothes to be kept in your child’s book bag or locker.  Sometimes accidents occur such as spilled milk at lunch, a fall in the mud at recess, or a “late arrival to the bathroom”…children always feel more comfortable in their own clothing.

Call-In for Absences – It is our policy that parents call to inform the school when their child will not be coming to school.  If we do not receive a call from you, we will contact you either at home or at work. 

Feel free to contact the school nurse at any time. 
You can reach me by phone at school by calling: 568-2013