Print Literacy Rules!

POSTED 11/6/2017

Print Literacy Rules!

“Wait, we get our own newspaper to read?!”

“I always read the newspaper after my Grandpa is done with it!”

“How do you even hold it?”

“I feel so sophisticated!”

There is nothing like the feel of a newspaper in your hands; gently folding the paper back to the article of your choice, and rubbing the print smudges on your pants when you are done.  Sixth graders recently felt the beauty of printed literacy after an introduction to The Leader Herald.  This local newspaper offers free subscriptions to OESJ students.  Teachers just have to pick the days and number of subscriptions for their classrooms and The Leader Herald delivers!

Students in Mrs. Murcray’s Social Studies class are learning about world and local events and asking big questions.  Deep conversations are happening freely and naturally with teachers and peers.  After perusing an article on the KKK, students were asking, “Well how could this group even be around anymore?” or “Could we watch the interview about this story?” or “Why would anyone so young be in the KKK and show their face?” As the year unfolds, students will be reporting to the class about current events and using the newspaper to help make sense of the world.  They will be tracking their “big questions” on Google Classroom and embarking on their own research.

In a world of digital literacy, sixth graders are excited to take a step back and enjoy a morning newspaper; even if that means smirking over the “funnies.”