Opening Day

Many people equate May 1st as the opening day of turkey season.  For OESJ 6th graders opening day proved to be a successful one from a hunting perspective and an educational one.  Mr. Jordan, 6th grade teacher and veteran turkey hunter, took his father hunting on the morning of May 1st. His father got a beautiful Tom which he donated to OESJ’s 6th grade science class.

Students are studying the human body with Mrs. Murcray in science.  She led them in a turkey dissection, carefully showing important organs and relating the processes to human ones.  Mr. Jordan gave an external anatomy lesson and stressed the importance of conservation and responsible hunting.

The meat of the bird was harvested, soaked in milk, and then hand battered into turkey nuggets.  The nuggets were then deep fried and served to 6th graders the next day. May 1st proved an important day in the name of conservation and education.