OESJ Odyssey of the Mind Teams Place 2nd and 3rd

Congratulations to the OESJ Elementary Odyssey of the Mind Teams. Both teams competed in the regional competition held on March 10th at Fonda Fultonville CSD.  They did an amazing job, showing their creative skills in teamwork building and “Thinking Out of the Box” for this competition. 

“A Stellar Hangout” placed 3rd overall in the competition. They created a humorous performance based on an intergalactic hangout where all sorts of creatures from different worlds stop to eat, refuel and relax. The team created characters such as “Planet Fancy, Pink Puffalo and Hairy” planets along with a marshmallow thief who has stolen all the marshmallows in the universe. They also created a map which changed from a 2D map to a 3D map by having multiple planets spin and twirl.

Members include: Myles Hayes, Colton Morrone, Ava Joan Murray, Callie Gray, Chase Eakin, Henry Schoff, and Zachary Young. Coaches include: Lisa Hayes, Abbey Schoff & Assistant coach – Lorriane VanAlstyne

“Emoji, Speak for Yourself” placed 2nd in their overall division. They created an original performance based on a Hollywood walk on the “yellow” carpet. This team created puppets for the performance which consisted of a growing smile, a changing dog from puppet to dog character and an original way to text using a contraption to spell out “E N D” They also had characters such as the music emoji, braniac, happy, and Mr. Cool to emphasize their creativity. This team will be competing again at the state competition in Binghamton on April 7th.

Members include: Paige Morrone, Ruby Hand, Emma Jo Schmidtmann, Jackson Polidore, Andrea Thayer, Madeline Sammons-Wilbur, and Rachel Young. Coaches: Joanne Young & Lorriane VanAlstyne

Everyone is welcome to visit the competition in Binghamton to watch some amazing teams from Regions 1-21 compete for the World Finals at the Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa May 23-May 26.