March Math Madness

POSTED 4/9/2018

March Math Madness

Students in grades 1-6 competed in March Math Madness. On day 1 of the competition, all students took a timed addition test. Students with the highest scores continued in the competition. In 1st and 2nd grade, we had a “Sweet 22” Magdalene Young, Calvin Eakin, Joshua Walrath, Cade Bergen, Brooke Foote, Callie Gray, Nathan Haversat, Colton Morrone, Ethan Pratt, Christian Saunders, Kip Simonds, Keagan Stowell, Ava Claus, Jayda Fink, Joseph Morrison, Nathaniel Williams, Baise Wintermute, Ayden Lilley,  Alyvia Richards, Gianna McAdams, Jeremiah Schaffer, and Tyshaun Saunders.

In 3rd and 4th grade, we had a “Sweet 26” Liam Achzet, Joshua Green, Audrina McAdams, Ryker Williams, Aristotle Hand, Devin Schell, Clarissa Smith, Andrea Thayer, Rachel Young, Donald Cavanaugh, Rebecca Johnson, Richard Rumrill, Jim George, Nehvada Mead, Kaydan Moyer, Lily Arduini, Karyn Castellano, Bailey Fink, Bryce Montana, Cole Polidori, Stevie Ryan, Bella Algerio, Brooke Arduini, Kali Hazzard, Isabella Johnson, and Anabel Morrison.

In 5th and 6th grade, we had a “Sweet 17” David Doxtader, Jayden Brown, Collin Eakin, Justin Stultz, Samantha Darrow, Travis Engle, Kenneth Calabrese, Sydney Hazzard, EmmaJo Schmidtmann, Baler Stowell, Mahala Pratt, Dustin Talbot, Ashlyn Strobel, Mikayla Thomas, Michael North, Autumn Souza, and Jacob Walrath.

Students who continued in the competition, were given fact tests with different operations and facts that were more difficult. We had an “Elite 8”, “Final 4”, and “Top 2” in each bracket.

The winners of March Math Madness are- in the grade 1-2 bracket our winner is Colton Morrone, in the grade 3-4 bracket our winner is Kaydan Moyer, and in the grade 5-6 bracket Ashlyn Strobel is our winner. Congratulations to the Math Champions that finished at the top of their brackets!