Fun with Energy

POSTED 9/11/2017

OESJ Elementary Students have “Fun with Energy”

Whether he was propelling himself on skates across the gym, screaming at a pile of Rice Krispies on top of a can, creating smoke signals, tossing balls across the room with a sling shot or using a leaf blower to unravel rolls of toilet paper, Jeff Boyer knows how to keep everybody’s attention.

Jeff Boyer, of Jeff Boyer Productions in Palenville near Saugerties, had every pair of eyes on him for the entire hour-long assembly Friday at the OESJ Elementary School. His appearance was sponsored by PAWS –Parents Advocating With Support. PAWS is the elementary school’s parent organization.

The program, entitled Fun with Energy, showed students how all kinds of energies are created through everyday activities. He defined energy as “the ability to make something move or to happen.”

He brought dozens of students up to the front of the gym to help him work through each example of energy and covered the full range – everything from kinetic and potential energy to air pressure and friction. He tossed in heat and gravity to show how they change energy in a variety of ways.

For his props, he used himself on roller skates with an oxygen tank to propel across the gym, a singing rod (makes noise by rubbing it), a sling shot to propel balls across the room, blowing smoke from a canister, candles that he had students blow out with sound and wind, a hairdryer that heated a bottle to inflate a balloon and a leaf blower to propel a beach ball and to blow toilet paper off the rolls and into the audience.