Elementary Students Celebrate Math Through Pi Day and March Math Madness

OESJ Elementary School students celebrated Math by wearing shirts with numbers on them on Pi Day, March 14th which is 3.14. This day also kicked off our March Math Madness Competition.  Mrs. Parry had every student in grade one through six complete a five minute addition fact test. The students that had the most correct in each group became the “Sweet 16”, but so many students did extremely well we had a few more then 16.  The winners of the first round of the March Math Madness fact competition were announced.

In grades one and two, we did not just have a sweet 16 but a sweet 22: Bella Algerio, Lily Arduini, Kali Hazzard, Aidyn Macri,Jaylynn Robar, Kian Schaffer, Nehvada Mead,  Anabel Morrison, Chris Schmidtmann, Logan Snell, Lillyan Warner, Brooke Arduini, Erika Avery, Allisa Banick, Traeh Compton, Jordan May, Kaydan Moyer, Kenton Schwasnick, Cheyenne Stone, Xavier Tilt, Richard Rumrill, and Madeline Sammons-Wilbur.

In grades three and four, we had a sweet 24: Bryce Valleau, Alyse Cannon, Collin Eakin, Sydney Hazzard, Paige Marrone, Jayden Brown, Lily Johnson, Jeffery Lillard, Kaylee Breton, Nathan Cannon, Allyson May, Mahala Pratt, Gracelynn Rice, Chloe Scanlon, Kendra Smith, Jacob Walrath, Blake Bergen, Ryanna Mathis, Mikaila Robarge, Ashlyn Strobel, Noah Warner, Chloe Callahan-Brittain, Mallory Miles, and Blake Bergen.

In grades five and six, we had a sweet 23 because all the following students had a 100%: Licinda Coffin, Jaslynn Leach, Carolyn Litrell, Andrew Snell, Kendra Zeidner, Arianna George, Zane Vogel, Mackenzie Barker, Josephine Brundage, Collin Carpenter, Paetyn Logan-Dillenbeck, Paul Rice, Abigail Smith, Jesse Walrath, Andrew Barker, Emilie Peterson, Liam Callahan-Brittain, Margaret Christensen, Owen Feagles, Zachary Grant, Jaida Hulbert, Cadence Johnson, and Matthew Steele.

The students competed for over a week, with students in grades one and two doing addition and subtraction facts. Students in grades three through six did all the facts; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We had an Elite 8, Final 4, and a Top 2. All the results were displayed on brackets by the cafeteria. At the Wolf Awards, Mrs. Parry announced the winners in each group. The winners received a basketball and certificate as an award. The winner in the first and second grade group is Kaydan Moyer, in grades three and four the winner is Ashlyn Strobel, and in grades five and six the winner is Andrew Snell. The winners are pictured to the left. Congratulations to all the winners!