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POSTED 10/18/2017

Veterans Day Celebration

O.E.S.J. Elementary School Celebrates VETERANS!

Wednesday, November 8,  2 0 1 7

8:30 AM

Who is a Veteran?

Veterans are people who gave their time and effort to keep us safe and free serving in our armed forces.

Calling all Veterans!

We would like to invite any Veteran (parent, grandparent, neighbor, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, brother, sister, etc.) to attend our celebration. ANY veteran, anyone who has served in the armed forces, during wartime or peace, reserves or active, is welcome to attend!

POSTED 10/18/2017

Trolls Bracelet Recalled

Please see the attached document regarding a bracelet recall. This could have been purchased at the book fair or through scholastic classroom orders

POSTED 10/18/2017

OESJ Student Raises Money for Veterans.

Nine year old EmmaJo Schmidtmann led a bottle drive and fundraiser to raise money for Veterans receiving care at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center.

She collected the bottles on Saturdays and with the help of her local American Legion, returned them for money at the local supermarket. EmmaJo's mom Carrie also helped out and placed a donation jar at the Bridge Street Bakery & Cafe in Saint Johnsville. The bakery was very happy to see EmmaJo's efforts benefiting their favorite Veteran customers!

EmmaJo personally delivered the $144.91 donation to the VA Voluntary Service Office. She and her family were provided with a tour of Voluntary Service. She stated that she "was very grateful to those who have protected our country, our families and those who continue to do so."

KUDOS to EmmaJo, her family, American Legion and those who took part in the efforts on behalf of our Veterans!

POSTED 10/13/2017

Picture Day at the Elementary School

Picture Day for the Elementary School will be Friday, October 27, 2017.  Any questions please call the school at 518-568-2014.

POSTED 10/12/2017

ABC Afternoon student’s in Mrs. Case’s have RESPECT!

On day 6, all K-2 students meet in the gymnasium to learn about good Attitude, Behavior, and Character.  During the program, one class gets randomly selected to work on a project for a week.  The problem or question is delivered in our  “Snail-Mail,” envelope. Students patiently wait for their class name to be drawn.  Mrs. Case’s class was first to create a project to teach the other K-2 students about respect. To read more click here.

POSTED 10/5/2017

Spirit Week at Elementary School

The Elementary School will be having Spirit Week the week of October 10th.  

  • Tuesday, October 10th- Hat Day

  • Wednesday, October 11th- Inside Out Day

  • Thursday, October 12th- Pajama Day

  • Friday, October 13th- School Spirit Day (wear school colors)  

POSTED 10/5/2017

4th & 5th Graders Visit the Lois McClure

On Monday October 2, the fifth graders visited the Lois McClure, a canal schooner, at the St. Johnsville Marina.  It is a full-scale replica of an 1862-class sailing canal boat.  The students learned about transporting of goods along the canal and how families lives aboard the boats. To see more pictures click here.

POSTED 10/4/2017

Mrs. Heroth’s First Grade works in the Garden

The O.E.S.J Elementary butterfly garden had some first grade gardeners in it today!  The students in Mrs. Heroth's class with the help of Mrs. Smirtic worked together to plant tulip bulbs.  The students were divided into groups  that had to  decide first where they wanted to plant their bulbs.  Then they had to measure the depth of the holes that were dug and make sure the bulbs were placed in correctly.  The students then drew diagrams of the garden and added labels to refer back to in the spring.  Observing the butterflies and bees in the garden may have been the highlight to their afternoon!
To see more pictures click here.

POSTED 9/22/2017

First Grade Studies the Butterfly Life-Cycle

Mrs. Heroth's first grade had an exciting start to the school year with the arrival of a Monarch Butterfly chrysalis from one of their classmates.  The class was able study the butterfly life-cycle, learn about its habitat, and how to use a magnifying glass. They released the butterfly today and then observed what was left of the chrysalis. Click here to see more picture.

POSTED 9/15/2017

OESJ Elementary has “Golden” manners in the cafeteria!

The OESJ Elementary School has started a new program to award students using good manners during lunch.  Each week one student in each grades K-6 will receive a “Golden Fork and Spoon Award.” This award is given for students that display outstanding attitude, behavior, and character in the cafeteria during lunch.  Students are nominated by Mrs. Bradt, Ms. Stowell, and Mrs. Taylor.  Recipients are announced on Friday mornings by Mrs. Fredericks  during the announcements.  The following students were honored first;

K- Jacob Colorito (not pictured)

1- Laura Wright

2- Baize Wintermute

3- Aaliyah Rachon

4- Jada Pearl

5- Zachary Young

6- Ava Campione

POSTED 9/15/2017

Science is Fun

Fifth graders have been learning about various pieces of science equipment and how to use them. They made notes about experimentation and the scientific method, tools and how to use them, and how to be safe in a science classroom.  Students rotated through eight different stations which consisted of classifying, length, volume, hand lens, time, mass, temperature and safety where they got to use science equipment and practice important science skills. To read more click

POSTED 9/14/2017

The Fruits of Our Labor

Last year’s sixth grade class planted a “Seedfolks” garden in the spring.  While reading Seedfolks, by Paul Fleischman, in Mrs. Battisti’s ELA class, students learned about diversity in a community. Seedfolks is full of colorful characters that come together and grow a beautiful garden.  At the same time, students learned about plant diversity in Mrs. Murcray’s science class. To read more click here.

POSTED 9/14/2017

Fifth Grade to Create a Positive Culture in the Classroom

During the first week of school, Mrs. Brundage’s fifth grade math students took time to begin creating a positive culture in the classroom. “Each kindness makes the world a little better,” was a powerful message heard after reading the book Each Kindness. And, students also enjoyed the wonderful book Ishi, a story about Ishi, an optimistic little rock that lives inside of all of us. To read more click

POSTED 9/11/2017

OESJ Elementary Students have “Fun with Energy”

Whether he was propelling himself on skates across the gym, screaming at a pile of Rice Krispies on top of a can, creating smoke signals, tossing balls across the room with a sling shot or using a leaf blower to unravel rolls of toilet paper, Jeff Boyer knows how to keep everybody’s attention. To read more click here.

POSTED 9/9/2017

First Week of School for OESJ Students

It was a busy week for students at OESJ as they started their new school year. The hallways and classrooms were filled with excited students and faculty. To view more pictures click the links below.

Elementary pictures

Jr/Sr High School Pictures

POSTED 9/9/2017

OESJ Third Grader Excited to Tell Her Story

Audrina McAdams, a third grader, started off the school year preparing a presentation about her recent diagnosis of Dystonia. Audrina wanted to share her challenges with her classmates to bring awareness to her condition. Not only did she want to share what it is like to have Dystonia but she also wanted to bring awareness to the idea that everyone is unique and we should embrace what makes us different. What an amazing little girl.  Audrina is the daughter of Vinnie & Becky McAdams.

POSTED 7/11/2017

OESJ Elementary 2017-2018 Class Supply Lists

The OESJ Elementary 2017-2018 Class Supply Lists are available.  Please note that each Kindergarten class has thier own list.  To view the supply list, please click here.

POSTED 7/6/2017

OESJ Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the many OESJ students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2016-2017 fourth quarter. Click here to view students of the Junior/Senior High School. To view students from the Elementary School, click here.

POSTED 7/1/2017

OESJ Kindergarten Graduates


On June 21, Fifty-eight Kindergarten Students from Mrs. Hazzard, Mrs. Gentile, Mrs. Hudyncia and Mrs. Case's rooms celebrated their Graduation Day. Thanks to Mrs. Parry for putting together some of the memorable moments of 2016/2017 in this animoto. Congratulations Kindergarten Graduates!!!

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