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POSTED 6/22/2017

Sixth Grade Graduates!

01 6th_Graders_Through_the_Years_2017_720p.mp4

OESJ sixth graders graduated today!  Their ceremony included a slide show presentation of their year complete with videos and a mannequin challenge.  This was directed by Mrs. Parry and students worked under her, editing the presentation.  Mrs. Brownell directed the entire 6th grade in the choral tear-jerker by Tim McGraw—“Humble and Kind.”  Mr. Bellinger led the 6th graders in a rocking instrumental number.  Superintendent, Mr. Halloran, and Mrs. Kawryga, principal, spoke to the students.  Their inspirational words will hopefully be carried with the new graduates onto 7th grade.  Sixth graders also had the treat of guest speaker, and soon to be graduate Jeff Baker.  Good luck new 7th graders! To view more videos, click here.

POSTED 6/21/2017

Robotics Culmination Presentation


As a culmination to the Robotics Unit in Technology Class, NAO the humanoid robot came to the OESJ Elementary School. Mrs. Dee and Mr. Strange from Neric presented NAO to students in grades 3-6. NAO is a programmable robot that is personalizable and interactive. Mr. Strange discussed NAO’s capabilities and Mrs. Dee helped the students program NAO.  NAO talked to the students, sang and did a dance, and interacted with students. This program brought STEM to life.

POSTED 6/21/2017

Robotics and Coding in Elementary Technology

Students are very excited to learn Robotics and Coding in technology class. Grades 3-6 learned Blockly coding to program Dash and Dot Robots. Students measured distances and angles, used map and geography skills, and then used Blockly coding to program Dash to travel the world on a map.  Next, they programmed Dash to make his way through mazes, draw shapes and play the xylophone. Click here to check out the great Dash and Dot videos and pictures.

POSTED 6/17/2017

So Long, Finned Friends!

OESJ sixth graders released the brook trout they have been raising all year.  The trout started as fertilized eggs (which happened during our trip to SUNY Cobleskill) and developed into large fingerlings which were released into a local stream.  Mother and daughter team Mrs. Murcray, science teacher, and Mrs. Dopp, teaching assistant, led the release.  Mrs. Dopp instructed the students on how to find microinvertebrates in the stream bottom and guided the students on how to identify the trouts’ favorite snacks.  Mrs. Murcray made sure each student released a trout and then led the students in the “Bye Bye Trout” song.  This trip is symbolic; as our trout swim downstream, we wish our students the best as they go “down the hill” to 7th grade! To see additional pictures and video, click here.

POSTED 6/15/2017

5th Grade Tellagami Book Reports

The students in Mrs. Brundage’s, Mrs. Etherton’s and Mrs. Oppenheimer’s 5th grade classes created Tellagami videos in computer class. The students wrote wonderful book reviews, created characters, and made mini gami videos on iPads. The book reviews were excellent, they were written with such thought, feeling and expression. The 5th graders were so excited to create the characters and record their own voice for the Tellagami character. Their videos make you want to head to the library to read the books they reviewed. Click here to watch their Tellagami Book Reviews.

POSTED 6/14/2017

Students in OESJ Elementary Learn Robotics


At the beginning of May, students in grades 3-5 were introduced to Robotics using Cubelets. Through discovery learning, the students built cubelet robots. Cubelets are magnetic blocks that can be snapped together to make an endless variety of robots. The students built robots that drove around on a tabletop, responded to light, sound, and temperature. Every unique arrangement was a new robot. Check out their robots and watch their excitement.

Students in grades K-2 were introduced to programming using Blue-Bot Robots. The children used the directional and sequence buttons on the back of the Blue-Bots to program them to move across the mat and solve a problem. Students even programmed them to dance. The Robots excited the students to problem solve. To see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 6/14/2017

Let Nature be your Classroom

OESJ sixth grader’s just returned from the trip of a lifetime!  They attended a 3 night, 4 day trip to Nature’s Classroom at Silver Bay in Lake George.  Nature’s Classroom is an environmental education program offering 13 locations and the best in connecting the classroom to the outdoors for the past 40 years.

Students, parents, teachers, and administration start preparing for this trip in September.  There are fundraisers, including a spaghetti dinner and Nature’s Vision merchandise sale.  All profits from the 6th grade school store go to the trip as well. To read more and see additional pictures, please click here.


POSTED 6/13/2017

Inaugural “Walk of the Wolves”


On Monday, June 12th, the graduating Seniors of the OESJ Class of 2017 took a trip up to the Elementary School to walk the hallways for a final farewell. All of the students and teachers in the Elementary School lined the hallways to applaud the Seniors efforts and they even provided them with many “Thank You” Gifts and congratulatory send offs. The event was the first of its kind at OESJ and provided many of the Seniors a nostalgic send off with their former teachers. The younger students also got the opportunity to see how special this moment was and provided them with some motivation to strive to attain this opportunity for themselves.

POSTED 6/9/2017

Elementary End of the Year Schedule

There will be full days of school June 19th - 22nd for OESJ Elementary. There will be early dismissal at 11:30 on Friday, June 16th.  Please see the schedule below:


June 16th - early dismissal (11:30)

June 19th - full day

June 20th - full day

June 21st - full day

June 22nd - full day (last day of school)

POSTED 6/2/2017

Sixth Grade Attends Conservation Day

OESJ sixth graders attended the annual Conservation Day held at Herkimer KOA Campgrounds.  Students walked to different stations and learned about human-environment interactions, ecology, and had hands on experience letting trout go in the West Canada Creek.  One of the highlights was a bee presentation by Mrs. Murcray’s dad, Mr. Jeff Rutkowski.  Mr. Rutkowski is a beekeeper and loved sharing his knowledge.  Students enjoyed learning that the female bees kick the male bees out of the hive when they are no longer physically able to do the work needed to keep the bee hive going! To see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 6/2/2017

From Turkey to Stream

Joe Alberico visited the OESJ sixth grade to help continue students’ knowledge of the brook trout.  This presentation is part of the Trout in the Classroom program; students have been raising brook trout all year and are set to release them next week.  Joe is a fly fishing specialist, Trout in the Classroom coordinator, and entomologist (we call him the “insect guy”). Joe taught sixth graders how to identify all stages of the stonefly, mayfly, and caddisfly—the brook trout’s favorite snacks. To more about what the sixth grade class did and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 6/2/2017

START YOUR ENGINES! Ready…...Set…..Go!

PAWS is holding its 2nd annual Cardboard Car Cruise-in for PreK-6th grade.  This is a family event. Parents are encouraged to help children design their vehicle. Paper boxes or small moving boxes work great!  Drive your car to the drive -in on June 14, 2017 by 6PM and sign in to be eligible for prizes.  Each child must be chaperoned by an adult.  We will have special racing visitors at this event. There will be several stations to visit this year.  Please have your child wear old clothes. It may be a little messy. This is a free event. There will be lots of fun that we need to plan for. Please return the name  of the students and number of chaperones that will attend.  This will help us plan for everyone to have a good time. Please contact Mrs. Fredericks if you have any questions at 568-2014 or jill.fredericks@oesj.org.

POSTED 5/25/2017

OESJ Elementary Got Funny For Money

On May 25th, each grade had one teacher volunteer to dress up and be silly for Red Nose Day.  Our goal was to raise money through donations at each grade level.  Each $10 increment added another layer of crazy apparel for our teacher volunteers to wear. The students competed against other grades to raise the most money and have that teacher look the most entertaining.  We had an incredible response and raised over $400. To be donated to the Red Nose Day Fund. To read more and see additional pictures, click here.

POSTED 5/26/2017

From Field to Table

Sixth graders at OESJ had the true “Field to Table” experience on May 4th and 5th.  Students were given
the opportunity to observe a wild turkey dissection.  Mr. Jordan, sixth grade Math teacher and veteran turkey hunter, was able to bring in the turkey he got on the morning of May 4th.  Mrs. Murcray, sixth grade Science teacher, led the class in the dissection.  Since students were studying the human body, this was the perfect hands on experience for the kids.  The turkey’s organs were then sampled to be examined under the microscope.  Students had the choice not to participate; however, all 6th graders wanted to! To read more, click here.

POSTED 5/25/2017

OESJ Wedded Bliss

On Friday, May 19, 2017 Mr. Q and Miss U were joined in holy matrimony during a ceremony hosted by Mrs. Yoder’s Pre-K class.  Guests were welcomed by the ushers, Kahlan Crozier and Kayne Hart, who passed out programs with a smile.  The ceremony began with the entrance of the very special photographers, Bryce Sweet and Nathan Illsley.  Daniel Schmidtmann, Benjamin Jones, Leighton Hogan, Dylan Williams, and Hayden Buck stood up as groomsmen with Mr. Q, who was assisted by Chase Szymanski.  Lindsey Swick, Lillian Egan, and Morgan Merwin were beautiful bridesmaids for Miss U.  Aleah Mastenbrook and Jenisa Bacon did a wonderful job tossing flower petals before the bride, assisted by Rylie Williams, made her way down the aisle. To read more and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 5/24/2017

PAWS Hosts Hollywood Gala

On Friday, May 19, Parents Advocating With Support (PAWS) hosted a formal mother/son father/daughter dance at the OESJ elementary school.  VIP guests were welcomed with a walk down the red carpet into the gymnasium.  Upon entering the gym, families could choose a table to sit and enjoy finger foods such as fruit, vegetables, chips, crackers, cheese, cupcakes, and punch. To read more about the Hollywood Gala and see additional pictures, please click here.

POSTED 5/19/2017

Memorial Day Rock Ceremony Scheduled

Please join us at the OESJ Elementary School to honor and remember those that have served in the armed forces on Thursday, May 25 at 9 AM.  Please have your child dress in red, white and blue.  Parents are welcome to attend!

POSTED 5/19/2017

OESJ Elementary Celebrates Nurse Appreciation Day

For Nurse Appreciation day, students and staff celebrated our Elementary School Nurse,  Mrs. Brown. The second floor students and staff presented Mrs. Brown with a nurse coat with all their fingerprints. They clapped and cheered for her to thank her for all that she does for the students at OESJ. Thank you, Mrs. Brown!

POSTED 5/4/2017

OESJ Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Announced

Congratulations to the many OESJ students that have made Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the 2016-2017 third quarter. Click here to view students of the Junior/Senior High School. To view students from the Elementary School, click here.

POSTED 5/4/2017

OESJ Elementary Art Students Recognized

On March 14th, collaborative works of art from schools all over became displayed as part of the Herkimer County 9th annual Art Show.  It was an honor and privilege to have some of our creative young artists recognized this year at such a well-attended art exhibition.  OESJ Student’s Natalie Brelinski, Kendra Breton, Chloe Callahan Brittian, Alyse Cannon, Arielle Hughes, Emileigh Moore, James Schoff, Angelina Soulle and Jacob Walrath had their art work selected to be displayed.  We are so proud of all of our artists at OESJ!!!!  Great Job!

POSTED 4/30/2017

Will Your Child Turn 4 Before December?

If so, you may want to consider enrolling him or her in the OESJ Universal Pre-K program located at the OESJ Elementary School.  The school is now enrolling children who live in the district and will turn 4 years old before December 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year.  The UPK program is a dynamic program designed to help your child transition into kindergarten.  The program provides educational learning through play, instruction, practice, and activities.  It also gives students the opportunity to develop and practice their social skills among peers and adults.  Finally, the program offers every child a free breakfast, lunch, and snack daily as well as encore classes in physical education, art, music, and library.  Please contact Mrs. Taylor at 568-2014 to register your child and receive an enrollment packet.  We look forward to having your child in our school next year!  Screening begins in June, so register now!

POSTED 4/30/2017

Sixth Grade Visits Kenya…..Again!

OESJ sixth graders had the privilege of learning about life in Kenya.  Mrs. Karen Jones, teaching assistant, shared her travels to Kenya for the second year in a row with students.  She shared her experience staying in a compound in Kenya, and brought in many beautiful African relics for students to get a closer look at this amazing culture.  Mrs. Jones also wore her authentic Kenyan dress, which was hand tailored to her.  OESJ students were surprised to hear that Kenyan students live at their school and are responsible for taking care of their own clothes, preparing themselves for the day, and that school is in session for 2 months on and 2 months off.  When asked if there is Wi-fi in Kenya, Mrs. Jones smiled and said, “Oh yes, you will see Kenyan natives all on their smartphones.”

POSTED 4/29/2017

Budget and Prepositions Public Hearing

The Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville Central School District Board of Education will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Elementary School prior to the Regular meeting. The public is invited to discuss the proposed Budget and Propositions.

POSTED 4/25/2017/ UPDATED 4/26/2017

Voter Registration and Voting Locations

OESJ Central School District will be holding a Board of Education Vote on May 16, 2017.  To see if you are registered to vote, please click here.  To find out where your voter location is located, please click here. Unregistered community members can register to vote at the District Office from 8:00 am -3:00 pm, Monday - Friday until May 9. There will also be a registration day at the OESJ Elementary School on May 3 from 2 pm - 6 pm.

POSTED 4/20/2017

First Graders Study American Symbols

First grade has been studying the symbols of America.  During the week of April 10, Mrs. Mang’s class read about Mount Rushmore.  They looked at pictures of the monument and discussed the four presidents on the mountain.  They further talked about why each president was chosen and even watched videos of the workers sculpting the monument.  As a culminating activity, students were given the choice of painting or sculpting their own Mount Rushmore.  Sculptors were given a hunk of Model Magic to create their own monuments.  Painters were given oil pastels and water colors.  To see some finished projects, click here.

POSTED 4/10/2017

Born 2B Viral Event at OESJ High School

OESJ High School will be hosting the event “Born 2B Viral,”  at the High School Auditorium on  Thursday, April 27, from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Please join St. Mary's Healthcare and the Behavioral Health Implementation Committee for a FREE community-wide event focusing on the importance of cyber safety. Hear from speakers and families who have experienced first-hand what it means to be vigilant about teen safety, whether over the internet, through a gaming system or live in-person. There will be a O&A session with our panel, and community resources will be available for more information.  Light refreshments will be served.

POSTED 4/10/2017

Grand Opening of Helping Hands Food Pantry

Thanks to the help of MANY helping hands, the food pantry at DHR school will have it's grand opening on Wednesday, April 12, at 4:00pm. All are invited to join the celebration! As pictured - Mr. Lynch's Varsity Baseball team pitched in to help the pantry become a reality by putting donated shelving units together and then stocking the shelves with all the donations brought in by the elementary school's
helping hands who collected food donations as part of the popular Parents As Reading Partners program. Following the grand opening the food pantry will be open to the public each month on the third Wednesday and the fourth Thursday from 3:30-6pm. Food pantry clients will need to complete an application and have with them 3 items: 1)  ID for each member of their household, 2) proof of address, and 3) proof of income. Applications will be good for one year. Questions can be directed to Mrs. Lape, OESJ District Health Coordinator at 568-2013
or Mrs. M-C, School Social Worker at 568-2011.

POSTED 4/6/2017

OESJ  Elementary Internet Safety Poster Contest

The students in grades 4 through 6 created posters in Technology Class to help teach others how to be safe online. Mrs. Parry had a poster contest and would like to announce the winners. In grade 6, the 1st Place winner is Jade Dygert, 2nd place winner is Abigail Miller, the 3rd Place winner is Sherri Dixon, the 4th Place winner is Carolyn Littrell, and the Honorable Mentions are Olivia Chromczak, Michael Green, and Hannah Pestillo. In grade 5, the 1st Place winner is Lillie Smith, the 2nd Place winner is Jacob Walrath, the 3rd Place winner is Autumn Souza, the 4th Place winner is Mallory Miles, the Honorable Mentions are Annette Johnson and  Aylaa Pellerito. In 4th Grade, the 1st Place winner is Kenneth Calabrese, the 2nd Place winner is Amber Hart, the 3rd Place winner is Andrea Manners, the 4th Place winner is Alyse Cannon, and the honorable mentions are Jeremy Vickery and Ruby Hand. Everyone please make sure to read their great posters to learn how to be safe online by clicking here.

POSTED 3/31/2017

OESJ Elementary Hosts March Math Madness

IMG_2253.JPGStudents in grades 1-6 competed in March Math Madness. On day 1 of the competition, all students took a 5-minute timed addition test.  In the next competition, students took a subtraction test.  In the third competition, the students in grades 1-2 took a harder addition fact test and students in grades 3-6 took a multiplication test.  In the fourth competition students in grades 1-2 took a harder subtraction fact test and students in grades 3-6 took a division test.  In the last competition students took a mixed fact test, grades 1-2 addition and subtraction, students in grades 3-6 all operations.  To read all winners during the competition, please click here.

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