Sixth graduating class from OESJ says farewell

The sixth commencement of the Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville Central School District was held tonight, an annual event that sends graduates off to begin their future adventures to college, work or the armed services.

52 students received diplomas. Check out the commencement program here.

The Class of 2019 received tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards. Read them here.

Valedictorian Robert Snell encouraged his fellow graduates to shape their futures through hard work, kindness and by taking responsibility.

“We now need to take it upon ourselves to write our own stories and do whatever we possibly can to make a mark on the world,” he said.

“We will now go our separate ways, pursuing whatever drives us to be us. Along the way, we must stay true to who we are as well. I ask you to stay true to who you are. Don’t ever let anyone negatively influence who you are, based upon their pessimistic ideology.”

He encouraged his fellow students to keep the personality traits they’ve developed so far.

“We must also remain kind. We need to stay kind, honest, and have humility. Without these qualities, people will see you as being unworthy of their own time and attention,” he said. “Though this is all prevalent, what I am sure of more than anything else, is that we need to take responsibility. Take responsibility in whatever you enjoy, and through this, you will find meaning in your life.”

Read Robert’s entire speech here.

Salutatorian Christopher Swartz told students that the path ahead is paved with obstacles – ones they can overcome.

“With this new path will come its onset of obstacles, no surprise in that, whether it’s difficulty in finding a job for those entering the labor force or for those of us entering college having difficulty with the adjustment to college,” he said.

“The one thing we can learn from this is to stay true to ourselves in these situations in order to make it through the harder times that are coming our way…I challenge you to become better versions of yourselves, not only to you but to those around you, and with this success will come.”

Read Christopher’s entire speech here.

Here are the graduating members of the Class of 2019 along with the type of diploma they received:

  • Meadow Marie Arduini o
  • Thysha Boyer % ~
  • Andrew G. Brado % #
  • Gabriel A. Brown x ^ *
  • Jack Maxwell Brundage o *
  • Jolynn Juanita Cedeno %
  • Harold H. Coffin III % ~
  • Abigail Rose Countryman o ~
  • Madison Elizabeth Dunbar o *
  • Deegan Paul Eggleston o * ~
  • Jonathan R. Feagles %
  • Braden Michael Fredericks % ~
  • Shaina Lee Golladay % ~
  • Nicholas Joseph Grant o ~
  • Makayla Evelyn Gray @
  • Emma Linn Hart o *
  • Austin Edward Hayes % ~ #
  • Mariah Mae Hurteau %
  • Madison Mae Johnson %
  • Fontana Ann LaCoppola % ~
  • Hannah Rose Lamphere % ~
  • Tyler Bruce Leon o ~
  • Jaedyn Edward Logan-Dillenbeck o*
  • Christopher Austin Martin %
  • Faith McFarland %
  • Blaine C. Miller % ~ #
  • Zachary David Mosher o ~
  • Victoria Charlotte Mulcahey %
  • Jazmin Renee Mumford o
  • Ryan David Nicollela % @
  • Hannah Irene Ouderkirk % ~ #
  • Chassity Pacheco
  • Nadia Jewel Payan x @
  • Tabitha Abagail Zeleana Picard % ~
  • Nicholas J. Randall %
  • John R. Rawson %
  • Samantha Rose Reese % @
  • Zachary George Reese %
  • Kelly Frances Ricardo % ~ #
  • Elias D. Sanchez %
  • Nicholas P. Sanguine % ~ #
  • Adam David Schuyler %
  • Kylie Elizabeth Smith %
  • Robert G. Snell x *
  • Christopher R. Swartz o *
  • Adan P. Vasquez %
  • Jordan Vicciarelli %
  • Cedric A. Ward %
  • Abigale P. Watson %
  • Casey J. Watson + ~ #
  • Samantha M. Weaver ~
  • Brian Zezima %

Symbol Code:
x Regents with Advanced Designation & Honors
o Regents with Advanced Designation
= Mastery in Math
^ Mastery in Science
* STEM Pathway in Science
+ Regents with Honors
% Regents Diploma
# CTE Endorsement
~ CDOS Certification
@ Enrolled in PTECH Program

Here are a few photos from today’s ceremony. Here is a link on Facebook to several more photos.

Students on stage at graduation Student photo at graduation

Class on stage at graduation

Band playing at graduation