Nearly 60 students create scientific sensations during Elementary Science Fair

Years ago, science fairs were pretty basic: papers about dissecting a beetle, the effects of music on plants or a hamster running on a wheel.

The first OESJ Elementary Science Fair was much more involved – students did their research before creating their projects. Each science fair exhibition included an hypothesis (they answer their project’s question), a method (how they will test the hypothesis) and a conclusion (was the hypothesis correct?).

A total of 56 students, from grades K-6, brought in projects, with their siblings, parents and grandparents in tow.

The topics were pretty involved: pressing a skewer through a blown up balloon, exploring how a lava lamp works, dropping Mentos into a 2-liter bottle of Coke to create an explosion, the affects of potassium permanganate (used in antiseptics and fungicides), a study of the pitfalls of sugar, hydroponics (growing plants without soil), the wonder of crystals, drawing robots, demonstration of static electricity, fingerprint analysis, baking soda volcanoes, robotics and a wind turbine, a study of propulsion, just to name a few of the topics on display at Thursday’s Science Fair.

All students received a red ribbon to recognize the efforts it took for them create a project for the fair.

There was also a raffle for science related toys and kits. Popcorn and water was available for sale.

Here are several more photos on Facebook.

Students pouring baking soda into a volcano

Students working together on a project

Student pressing a skewer through a balloon

Student showing off a science display