Information About Weather Related Announcements Like Closures and Delays

Looking ahead to winter weather, the OESJ CSD wants students, staff, and families to know how the District will handle weather-related closures, delays, and/or early dismissals in the 2020-21 school year.

How OESJ communicates weather-related closures:

Parents should check with their child’s school building office to ensure they have accurate email addresses and phone numbers on file. Parents do not need to sign up for emails, phone notifications. However, School Messenger pulls contact information from the District’s student management system, SchoolTool, so it’s important to ensure your information is accurate.

In order to make sure you receive emails and emergency notifications, including weather-related school closings and delays, always notify your child’s school if a contact phone number or email address changes.

Contact the school offices if you need to update your contact information:

Elementary school main office 518-568-2014 ext. 2117

Jr/Sr High school main office 518-568-2011 ext. 3000

Weather-related closures

As in past years, schools will be closed when snow or poor road conditions make travel difficult or impossible. There will be no classes — in-person or virtual — on these snow days. All programs, in and out of the district, will be canceled if OESJ is closed.

However, if there are more snow days used this winter than the academic calendar allows it may become necessary to use these days for virtual instruction. If the district does exceed its allotted number of snow days, families would be notified in advance that subsequent snow days will include remote instruction.

Weather-related delays

Delayed openings mean all schedules will be postponed by either one or two hours. Bus pickups will be approximately one or two hours later than the scheduled time, which includes PTECH, ADK, and other out of district transportation runs. The delay schedule is posted at the bottom of the school web page. Please continually monitor all delay announcements as, if inclement weather progresses, a subsequent message may be issued announcing a school closure.   AM Pre-kindergarten does not come to school when there is a delay and there will be no AM BOCES.

Early Dismissal

The District may consider early dismissal when the weather becomes severely inclement during the day and driving conditions become unsafe.  Should State or County law enforcement, declare a State of Emergency due to road conditions the District may consider early dismissal. These decisions take into consideration the magnitude of transportation operations and the number of buses required to transport students home and, in many instances, the possibility that young students may be going home to an empty house. Typically, the decision is made by mid-morning for early afternoon dismissal. Stay tuned to local news about early dismissals through the methods discussed above.

No After School and Evening Activities

The decision to cancel after-school and evening activities are typically made by noon and publicized using the methods described above. While OESJ may decide not to cancel after-school or evening activities, an event organizer may decide to cancel or reschedule the event due to weather or road conditions.

It is best to rely on more than one source of information when it comes to weather-related announcements. This is particularly true in situations that involve power and technology outages. Emergency preparedness agencies have advised that residents have access to a battery-powered radio so that they can receive information if other communication channels are unavailable.