Construction humming along at both schools

Construction is humming along at both the Jr./Sr. High School and the Elementary School as part of the $24 million renovation/capital project approved by the community in December 2016.

Construction is expected to be done over two years, ending by the spring of 2020. Here’s an overview of the project:

  • demolition of the maintenance building at the Jr./Sr. High School and construction of new agriculture/tech classrooms
  • renovation of four science classrooms and associated roofing at the Elementary School
  • addition of an elementary auditorium.
  • roofing work at both schools – except for possibly the work above the elementary science rooms – would be done next summer, 2019.
  • relocation/renovation of several rooms at the Jr./Sr. High School, such as the main office, Distance Learning classroom and science rooms.

Read more here – /about-us/capital-project-information/

Here are a few photos today of the ongoing construction:

Trucks clear soil behind the elementary school
Trucks clear soil and other debris from the site of the new elementary school auditorium.
Soil is cleared behind the elementary school for the auditorium
Heavy construction continues behind the elementary school to make way for the new auditorium.
Construction work behind the high school
A lot of digging. The former OESJ district office is gone to make way for a new Ag&Tech classroom next to the auditorium at the Jr./Sr. High School
Piles of soil are all that remain of the former OESJ District Office at the Jr./Sr. High School.