Capital Project Update at Jr/Sr High School

Current construction as part of the ongoing Captial Project at the Jr./Sr. High School will cause important changes to the building that will take effect starting tomorrow, Monday, April 29th. The following are the important changes you need to be aware of:

1. There will be NO through traffic. Morning drop-off procedures will remain the same for both busses and parents. Parents will continue to use the Averill St./Old Meadow Rd. entrance and drop off at the auditorium doors, but no vehicles can drive through to the bus loop at any time as it will be fenced off.
2. The new main entrance for all visitors and/or late students will be the doors in the bus loop. The old entrance where visitors would “buzz in” to the office is no longer accessible. The buzzer is now located on the door in the bus loop.
3. Visitor parking is now located in the bus loop parking lot. The spots are facing the cemetery and they are labeled “visitors” on the pavement in the front of the spot. All visitors should use the Center Street entrance.

We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to transition through the Captial Project. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Jr./Sr. High School Office at 518-568-2011.