Annual 6th Grade Trout Release

group of student gather outside in the woods

OESJ sixth graders released the brook trout they have been raising all year.  This year boasted the largest number spawned from eggs to date, a whopping 142!  Students traveled to SUNY Cobleskill last fall to spawn the eggs, brought them back to the tank in the classroom and studied them all year.

Once at the stream mother-daughter team, Mrs. Murcray (6th Science teacher), and Mrs. Dopp (SPED teaching assistant), led the students in the release.  Dopp taught students how to identify macroinvertebrates and collected samples for students to study. She also had the students collect stream data pertinent to the health of our trout, including water temperature and PH.   Murcray taught students to release the trout and helped everyone reflect on the journey from egg to fingerling.