As the new school year begins, hundreds of students return to school or learn online

The 2020-21 school year began as most school years do – students flocking to school buses as they begin their day of school. This year was a bit different – dozens of students opted for virtual learning every day. They will remain at home and do their learning that way while other students will rotate …

Elementary PE Google Classroom Links

Below are PE Google Classroom links for elementary students.   Case/Hagadorn- Hazzard- Heroth- VanValkenburgh- Mang- Tompson- Smith- Sprouse- Blanc- 5th- Brundage- 5th-VanValkenburgh- 5th-Heiser- 4th grade- 6th grade- 3rd-Cuddy- 3rd- McNulty- Vanalstyne-

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