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Third through Fifth Grade Celebrate Thanksgiving at D.H. Robbins Elementary

The students in third, fourth, and fifth grade enjoyed a special Thanksgiving this year at the D.H. Robbins Elementary School.  First, the fifth grade students read a poem sharing the traditions and the history of Thanksgiving.  Then, Les Bearclaw, a Mohawk Native American shared some of the traditions and customs of the native people from long ago and today.  The students were able to ask questions and view some of his own craft work.  After the program, the guest was invited to the decorated cafeteria to share a warm Thanksgiving meal.  

Les Bearclaw, Owen Dunderdale, Mackenzie Barker, and Maria Battisti

Les Bearclaw, Mackenzie Barker, Maria Battisti, and Shayna Straney

Les Bearclaw and Owen Dunderdale