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September 2014 Wolf Award Winners

The September Wolf Award winners were honored in a ceremony on October 3, 2014 in the OESJ Elementary/Middle School cafeteria.  The winners are: Emmit Banick, Baize Wintermute, Aryana Bumbolo, Devin Schell, Lauren Wood, Jordan May, Scott Hill, McKenna Salisbury, Zane Vogel, Matthew Steele, Meranda Battisti, Brian Battisti, Hunter Hickey, Joseph LeMoine, Alexander Ouderkirk, Kamden Battisti, Zoe Grenert, Anthony Keller-Murray, Gabrielle Palmer, Jimmy Dudar, Nicholas Randall.

These students are chosen because they regularly demonstrate outstanding character, are helpful to classmates, dependable, punctual, respectful and have very few, if any, discipline issues.