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DHR Fourth Quarter Gold and Silver Star students

D.H. Robbins Elementary School announces Fourth Quarter Gold and Silver Star lists
David H. Robbins Elementary School Principal Rebecca Marzeski has announced the Gold and Silver Star lists for the third quarter of 2013-14.

Students earning Silver Star recognition must achieve an average between 84.5 and 89.4 percent. Gold Star students must earn an average of 89.5 or higher. 

Silver Star

Third Grade 
Quinn Battisti, Olivia Chromczak, and Licinda Coffin

Fourth Grade
Andrew Barber, Maria Battisti, Colin Carpenter, Mannelly Escribano, Cadence Johnson, Sayge Ruffino-Mosher, Magdalena Pellerito and Emily Peterson

Fifth Grade
Kamden Battisti, Avery Cheyne, Connor Clark, Adam Crosier, Aiden Fitzpatrick, Zoe Grenert, and Jacob Snell

Gold Star

Third Grade 
Bella Case, Jade Dygert, Anderson Eggleston, Max Kadric, Carolyn Littrell, Kristin Sanders, Jordan Simzer, Andrew Snell, Kirsten Swartz and Kendra Zeidner

Fourth Grade
Maria Battisti, Isabella Dittmer, Kyle Hall, Kaylee Jones, Shayna Straney, Margaret Christensen, and Jesse Walrath

Fifth Grade
Sydney Eggleston and Asa Handy