So Long, Finned Friends!

OESJ sixth graders released the brook trout they have been raising all year.  The trout started as fertilized eggs (which happened during our trip to SUNY Cobleskill) and developed into large fingerlings which were released into a local stream.  Mother and daughter team Mrs. Murcray, science teacher, and Mrs. Dopp, teaching assistant, led the release.  Mrs. Dopp instructed the students on how to find microinvertebrates in the stream bottom and guided the students on how to identify the trouts’ favorite snacks.  Mrs. Murcray made sure each student released a trout and then led the students in the “Bye Bye Trout” song.  This trip is symbolic; as our trout swim downstream, we wish our students the best as they go “down the hill” to 7th grade!