Pre-K Has a Heart… and a brain and lungs

Mrs. Yoder’s Pre-K class is working on an “All About Me” theme as part of reading, social studies, and science.  The emphasis of the unit is to “be you-nique”.  Students are learning how special the human body is as part of the science focus.  Through non-fiction texts, NYS learning modules, educational videos, and models students are learning about the inner workings of the body.  Through this research, students are understanding things such as the importance of the brain, the purpose of the heart and lungs, the protection that bones provide, and how the digestive system works.  Students are then using this information to create life-sized posters of their body.  They must use the information they learn to color the organs and place them in the proper positions.  “This project makes the information so much more meaningful.  The students love making the life-sized posters.  They giggle through the whole process of tracing their body and then the awe when they see it finished is amazing.  Knowing they have to put the correct organs on the body makes them more attentive and interested in learning.  And the conversations they engage in during the process of coloring and placing the pieces are a great demonstration of what they have learned and how they build on each other’s knowledge” states Mrs. Yoder.  The students are looking forward to many more meaningful projects this year.