P.A.W.S. Animaland Fun!

OESJ’s parent/teacher organization, called P.A.W.S., recently hosted “Animaland”  - an event for students to adopt a furry stuffed pet. Children were able to choose their own pet from a large selection  such as puppies, dragons, horses, penguins, kangaroos, and the like.  Upon purchase of their animal, each child received a star and made their way to the stuffing station where they were able to help with the stuffing process and insert their star before finishing.  Each new friend received a birth certificate, a new outfit to wear, and a medical check-up. Families also enjoyed a reading station, photo booth and teddy bear treats.  Some children brought stuffed animals in from home for a check-up and minor repairs. PAWS co-president, Tiffany Case commented, “This is not a fundraiser, it’s a fun event for families.” And fun it was! Children beamed with excitement as they left with their new furry friends.


Preschool teacher and the evening’s “vet,” Mrs. Yoder examines second grader Emma Countryman’s new horse.

Sisters Penny and Shelby Clauson hug their animals while they enjoy a snack.

Tyler Mussmacher and Jocelyn Simzer put the finishing touches on their kangaroo.