OESJ Students attend Forum at SCCC

On April 26, business teacher, Ms. Bellinger and four students:  Austin Valleau, Tiffany Groff, Emily Zeidner, and Raymond Cheney attended a forum at Schenectady County Community College.  A panel of two human resources managers and three employees from different businesses spoke and took questions.  The goal of the forum was to help young people who are exploring getting into the workplace to build their interview skills and confidence.  The panel addressed:  preparing for the interview, addressing gaps in employment on the resume and other work history challenges, and requesting a reasonable accommodation. (When and how?)

The three employees described their struggles in finding the best career fit for themselves. Each mentioned that they had volunteered different places and that was how they networked and finally found their jobs.

At the end, Tiffany volunteered to be mock interviewed by the HR women (in front of everyone in the room!).  The HR manager asked Tiffany situational questions such as:  “Describe a time you had to learn something new at work” and “Describe a conflict with a co-worker”.  Tiffany has a job and she had great answers for each question.