OESJ Spelling Bee 2017

Twenty-eight, 4th – 6th grade students, stepped onto the stage of the Marge Curtis Auditorium to compete in the Annual OESJ District Spelling Bee.  They did an amazing job spelling in front of their peers, teachers and families. The 2017 Spelling Bee for OESJ Central School District took place on Tuesday, January 10.   

The winning word, indifference, was spelled by 4th grader, Paige Marrone! The following awards were also presented:  2nd prize to Natazia Vingua, 6th grader;  3rd  prize to Ryan Achzet, 5th grader and 4th prize to Hayley Hilts, 8th grader.

Congratulations to our winners!  We thank all of the contestants for their hard work and for doing such a wonderful job!

Row 3:  Andrew Barber, Emily Peterson, Hayley Hilts, Alexis Sanguine, Jesse Watson, Zane Pratt, Seth, Richardson, Trenton Stevenson.

Row 2:  Mikaila Robarge, Ryan Achzet, Sebastian Ackerknecht, Colin Carpenter, Sydney Schell, Jade Dygert, Natazia Vingua, Licinda Coffin, Savannah Hayes, Michael Green

Row 1:  Chloe Scanlon, Nathan Cannon, Mikayla Thomas, Blake Bergen, Sydney Hazzard, Brooke Johnson, Samantha Darrow, Jeffrey  Lillard, Paige Marrone, Jayden Brown

Left to Right: 3rd  prize to Ryan Achzet, 5th Grader, 2nd Prize to Natazia Vingua, 6th Grader, 4th Prize to Hayley Hilts, 8th Grader, First Place Prize to Paige Marrone, 4th Grader