OESJ Pre-K Visits Wyoming!

On Tuesday, November 15th Mrs. Yoder’s and Mrs. Sprouse’s pre-k classes visited the Big Horn Basin Foundation at the Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Such a long trip only took 20 minutes thanks to the Microsoft Educator Community and Skype.  Through Skype in the Classroom the 29 students were able to view the assembled remains of dinosaurs such as allosaurus, stegosaurus, and ichthyosaurus. Students also viewed fossils and the lab where scientists process the bones that are found. All of the dinosaur bones on display originated in Wyoming.  After a tour of the museum with director Jessica Lippincott, students participated in a question and answer session.  Students had to introduce themselves by name and ask the question they prepared the day before.  Rylie Williams asked how many dinosaurs are in the museum (21 assembled, 10,000 bones total).  Bryce Sweet asked how many scientists work at the museum (7 for the winter, but more in the summer). Chase Szymanski asked how do they know which dinosaur a bone came from (the scientists have lots of experience and can identify most of them by their own knowledge, but sometimes they have to do research).  Leighton Hogan asked if long neck dinosaurs could ever break their neck (yes, Jessica has seen fossils that show evidence of broken bones in the neck).  Dylan Williams asked how hard are dinosaur bones (about the same as soapstone – they are hard, but if you hit them they could break).  And Aleah Mastenbrook asked if the dinosaurs on “Dinosaur Train” look like the real dinosaurs did (no one knows what the dinosaurs looked like, so the show is a good representation).  This was a wonderful experience for the students of our school since we cannot travel to a museum with bones on display.  The students were able to apply their knowledge and research on dinosaurs to actual fossils.  Everyone had a great trip!