OESJ National Honor Society Induction

The OESJ National Junior and Senior Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held on March 28, 2017 in the Jr/Sr High school auditorium.  The new inductees and the active members entered the ceremony under the musical selections performed by Mrs. Mott, Mrs. Brownell and Mrs. Thayer. Adelina Brundage and Liam Sammons carried candles that they used to light the center candle that represents knowledge.  Von Baker led the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mrs. Sitterly was the guest speaker.  Mrs. Sitterly is retiring from the district in October of 2017.  Jeffrey Baker explained how students are chosen for the NHS.  Liam Sammons explained the meaning of the pillars of NHS:  Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.  Dylan Corapi talked about Scholarship and lit the first candle, Abby Mosher talked about Service and lit the second candle, Von Baker talked about Leadership and lit the third candle, and Lyndsey Lynch talked about Character and lit the fourth candle.  Kenidee Oare led the Junior Honor Society inductees in their pledge and Adelina Brundage led the Senior Honor Society inductees in that pledge.  Mr. Slater presented all of the new inductees with their certificate and member card.   The OESJ Board of Education, Mr. Halloran, Mr. Slater and Mr. Heroth were thanked for their support.

NJHS Inductees
Josephine Brundage
Liam Callahan-Brittain
Margaret Christensen
Mannelly Escribano
Owen Feagles
Zachary Grant
Isaiah Handy
Patrick LeMoine
Paetyn Logan-Dillenbeck
Karis Montana
Magdalina Pellerito
Eimlie Peterson
Sayge Ruffino-Mosher
Alexis Sanquine
Jesse Walrath

NHS Inductees
Tiffany Groff
Emilie Engle
Dakota Corapi
Madison Dunbar
Jack Brundage
Abigail Countryman
Deegan Eggelston
Clayton Gallt, Jr.
Emma Hart
Mariah Hurteau
Hannah Lamphere
Tyler Leon
Zachary Mosher
Korina Richards
Robert Snell
Christopher Swartz

2017 NHS Seniors
Adelina Brundage
Abby Mosher
Caitlin Handy
Lyndsey Lynch
Liam Sammons
Jeffrey Baker
Seth Bly
Justus Richardson
Tiffany Groff
Emilie Engle
Aiden Eggleston
Alexsandra Dobson
Alyssa Jasewicz
Zachary Tinkler
Alexis Romeyn

National Honor Society Members
Madison Richardson
Laura Littrell
Coby Cover
Benjamin Morley

National Junior Honor Society Members
Meadow Arduini
Dylan Corapi
Julieanna Hickey
Kenidee Oare
Armand Root
Alexis Mumford
Nicholas Buccolo
Jacob Snell
Madisyn Schell
Hunter Hickey
Aiden Fitzpatrick
Travis LaFountain
Allysa Baldwin
Joseph LeMoine
Mackenzie Smith
Zachary Reese
Madison Johnson
Chad Gallt
James Dudar
Jeb Brundage
Maxwell Christensen
Brynn Fredericks
Aiden Ortlieb
Gabrielle LaCoppola
Benjamin Littrell
Abigail Johnson
Adam Feagles
Skyler Barker
Von Baker
Carolyn Fitzpatrick
Isabella Masi
Cassandra Abare
Sydney Eggleston
Jesse Watson
Kamden Battisti
Seth Richardson
Alexis Klock
Ashley Engle
Avery Cheyne