OESJ Career & College Class Visits Local Businesses

Ms. Bellinger’s Career & College Prep class visited five local businesses this semester in order to gain information about different careers.  Ben Morley, Austin Swartz, Morgan Rockefeller, and Megan hart went to:  Sportee Designs, the Post Office, Judy King Insurance, Dannible's, and Lee Publishing.  All of the business owners were very welcoming, generous, and helpful.  

The owners of Sportee Designs explained that they took many career paths before finally becoming entrepreneurs.  They each attended college, then took advantage of the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Poly in order to write a business plan.

Each employee at Judy King Insurance described their education and all the different occupations they have had.  They went on to explain a little about the insurance industry.

We had a tour of the post office, then the postmaster gave the students a list of careers.  We were surprised to learn that the post office hires their own investigators for situations such as mail fraud.

At Dannible's, Mr. Dannible was very nice and spent a lot of time with us.  He explained over and over the precision in math.  He stated that he checks and re-checks.  There is no room for errors!

We were also surprised at Lee Publishing.  There are many more departments and the building is much bigger than it looks on the outside.  Almost every employee came out to greet the students, ask them questions, and explain what they do.

In all, every adult was positive, friendly, and helpful!