OESJ ABC Afternoon

ABC Stands for Attitude, Behavior, and Character. Our OESJ Elementary Students are working on their character development during this day 6 program. On day 6, at 2PM Kindergarten through grade 2 students get together in the gym and learn about ABC.


We start every program with positive shares.  Students from every classroom step up to the ABC podium and microphone then shout out their positive thoughts and acts of kindness that they've been practicing at home and school.  Parents and community members can also be involved with positive shares by contributing to our Facebook Page.  (OESJ ABC Afternoon) After student driven positive shares, children that have created at home challenge projects show off their talents.  At home challenges coincide with our theme word for the month.  Last month's theme was respect and this month we will focus on citizenship.  When students are finished sharing their creative projects, then a pre-selected class will present a, "snail mail," special delivery problem.  Our Snail Mail Problems are delivered by special guests including Mr. Brian Clark, Mrs. Kawryga, and Mrs. Amanda Schwasnick.  During our last day 6 program, Mrs. Mang's class was selected to come up with solutions to a problem about seeing someone stealing a pack of gum from a store.  Classes are encouraged to use a project based solution to solve problems using literacy, art, music, or technology.  

During our recent program  the students were introduced to an original character named Grumpas.  Grumpas lives in a garbage can.  Grumpas' can was artistically designed by Henry Araujo III, a parent volunteer,  with 6 character theme words.  Grumpas came to our school to help us solve some, "Grumpy Garbage," problems that are happening in the classrooms.  The children can make Grumpas less grumpy by, "Cleaning up," or making better choices in our school.  Grumpas presented us with a few garbage problems and the students reflected and came up with some solutions.  

Our newest theme is citizenship. We’ve challenged our families to go out into the community and take photos of our terrific citizens. We’ve asked to have the pictures posted to our Facebook page with a description of what they do for our community.  

Our next day 6 program date is Friday, November 4.  Mrs. Case’s Kindergarten class will be presenting their special delivery problem and solution.  

Stop by for the fun, excitement, and laughs as we dive into the deep meaning behind ABC Afternoon!