Let Nature be your Classroom

OESJ sixth grader’s just returned from the trip of a lifetime!  They attended a 3 night, 4 day trip to Nature’s Classroom at Silver Bay in Lake George.  Nature’s Classroom is an environmental education program offering 13 locations and the best in connecting the classroom to the outdoors for the past 40 years.


Students, parents, teachers, and administration start preparing for this trip in September.  There are fundraisers, including a spaghetti dinner and Nature’s Vision merchandise sale.  All profits from the 6th grade school store go to the trip as well.


Students enter a contract at the beginning of the school year which focuses on grades and behavior as caveats for attending Nature’s Classroom.  Every student has the opportunity to go regardless of finances.  The OESJ Board of Education gives money towards the trip and anonymous donors step up every year to sponsor students that cannot afford it.


Experiences, to name a few, that students participate in are: fishing, animal dissection, team building activities, hiking, using a compass, homemade camouflage, and singing and theatrical activities.