From Field to Table

Sixth graders at OESJ had the true “Field to Table” experience on May 4th and 5th.  Students were given the opportunity to observe a wild turkey dissection.  Mr. Jordan, sixth grade Math teacher and veteran turkey hunter, was able to bring in the turkey he got on the morning of May 4th.  Mrs. Murcray, sixth grade Science teacher, led the class in the dissection.  Since students were studying the human body, this was the perfect hands on experience for the kids.  The turkey’s organs were then sampled to be examined under the microscope.  Students had the choice not to participate; however, all 6th graders wanted to!

Then we took this opportunity one step further.  Mr. Jordan prepared the turkey breast meat to be made into nuggets for the following day.  The nuggets were soaked in milk, hand floured by Mrs. Waterbury, and then deep-fried.  Each student that wanted to try them received a couple nuggets.  The turkey nuggets were a hit—golden and crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside!

We saw this not only as an anatomy lesson, but a conservation lesson as well.  The meat was used, organs were studied, and the tail feathers were saved for quill writing in Social Studies.   Stay tuned for the next story out of sixth grade to see what we did with the rest of the feathers!