Agriculture Education Students Tour Power Distributors Warehouse and Learn about Fuel Injection

On Wednesday, November 16th students from the OESJ CSD Agriculture Education program visited the Power Distributors regional warehouse. Students of the Small Engine Repair, Agriculture Engineering, and Advanced Welding courses took the day to learn more about the small engine industry. The day started in the shop at the facility where the students observed the assembly of an engine from start to finish. After the assembly of the engine students toured the distribution facility. The Power Distributors warehouse ships small engine parts for the entire North East. Students observed a working warehouse and the system of how parts move from the pick sheet all the way to the UPS truck. The day ended in the classroom where students learned about electronic fuel injection (EFI). Electronic fuel injection is new to the small engine industry, but is becoming more popular. The fuel injection system eliminates the carburetor and adds a computer, injectors, and many sensors to an engine to deliver fuel. Students learned about the benefit of fuel efficiency and the ability for the computer to make live adjustments to the engine. Students were able to observe the entire system in action using the EFI boards that Briggs and Stratton uses for training dealers and technicians. This gave students the experience with all the parts, as well as observing how an EFI system can be diagnosed using codes. The OESJ Agriculture Education Program and Students would like to thank Power Distributors, Briggs and Stratton, and Jason Cook for allowing us to tour and learn about the EFI systems on new engines.